How Long Do Mushrooms Last? Know If They Are Spoiled

how long do mushrooms last

Enjoy this guest post written by Salina of CreamySmell in which she discusses her passions for food and cooking and sharing this with her family.

Do you want to know how long do mushrooms last and some tips on how to handle them better to make it last longer? The lifespan of mushrooms is hard to determine since, like most fresh vegetables, it may not have a "use by" date, expiration date or "best before" date, so you need to run with the buy by date to gauge how long it's good for. Better yet, your own judgment. Keep reading to learn more!

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Your Ultimate Play Kitchen DIY Ideas (#4 Will Blow Your Mind)

Play Kitchen DIV Ideas

When televised cooking competitions, like MasterChef Junior emerged, it hasn't only spawned its much-deserved five seasons. The show’s popularity has also generated a heftier amount of do-it-yourself play kitchen ideas that are already swarming numerous blogs and YouTube — all for the eternal love of our children who would do anything just to get to experience a play kitchen.

Should we blame Gordon Ramsay and Co. for this massive obsession on cooking and the ceremonious way of placing an asparagus on a plate? I must go with the opposite and say thank you, Mister Ramsay! The DIY play kitchen designs have given my kids and I so much output for our creativities by giving them their own grown up spaces and competitive environment.

How Long Do Tortillas Last? Awesome Tips And More

how long do tortillas last

The tortilla is a Spanish word that means "torta" or little cake. Tortillas, usually grilled on the stove top, is made of either flour or corn, salt, and oil. This heavenly food is becoming more and more popular throughout the world, most especially in the last few years.

It would be nice to know, though, how long do tortillas last? We all know when food isn't properly stored, shelf life gets shorter than what’s indicated on their "best by" date.

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How To Keep Pasta Warm: All You Need To Know

how to keep pasta warm

Pasta is a great dish to serve in parties or small gatherings. It is fairly easy to make, and doesn’t require much time to cook. It does however, require to be eaten just right after it gets cooked in order for you to achieve a truly great gastronomic experience.

But what do you do if you have to keep your pasta warm for later?

If you don’t know how to keep pasta warm, don’t fret. Because for this article, I will be teaching of you a couple of things that you should know about in order to cook great pasta that you can save for later. Read on to find out how.

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How To Keep Rice Warm After Cooking: All You Need To Know


Rice is a great side dish that you can pair with all sorts of meals. It is fairly easy to make, and very easy to store. But what do you do if you need to keep rice warm after you have cooked it?

If you have no idea how to keep rice warm, don’t fret. For this article, I will be sharing with you a couple of ways you can keep your rice warm for up to two hours after cooking, just in time to serve it for your family and friends.