What Is The Oregano Oil Candida Connection?

Have you ever heard of candida? If you haven’t, then you’re not alone. I often find the oregano oil candida relation curious and that’s why I have tried to look into this matter seriously since I am a fan of oregano oil and would like to see if it can be a cure for candida.

Candida is a condition that is often misdiagnosed because of its common symptoms that can also be felt by other diseases, like arthritis, athlete’s foot, and Crohn’s disease. Such common symptoms include fungus on toenails, diarrhea, and joint pains. To find out more about its treatment with oregano oil, read on below.


Introduction to Candida

Candida Albicans is a form of yeast infection that often resides in the intestinal tract, female genitals, and mouth. It may also infect your skin, eyes, respiratory system, immune system, and digestive system. Most of the time, candida can be rarely serious especially if they’re kept under control.

This pathogen thrives in the imbalance of microorganisms in your gut. This balance of intestinal flora keeps your immunity and digestive systems healthy, but this can be disrupted due to stress, a high sugar diet, and antibiotics. When your immunity system goes weak, the infection can spread to your blood and control the majority part of your gut.

Candida overgrowth demonstrates a lot of symptoms. It can be manifested in the skin through acne, eczema, and athlete’s foot. You may also experience diarrhea, insomnia, and sore throat. Find out if you are suffering from an overgrowth of Candida without even being aware of it by answering this questionnaire here.

The Power of Oregano Oil Against Candida

Oregano oil is a great antifungal choice in treating Candida overgrowth as it comes from wild oregano, one of the most potent antifungals in nature. Aside from antifungal properties, oregano oil also displays strong antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial capacities. In fact, the Candida yeast doesn’t build a resistance like it usually do to other antifungals.

Learn more about the benefits and uses of oregano oil in this video. 

In a 2008 study conducted at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, the results show that oregano oil has the most efficient antifungal activity against Candida isolates. Its strong anti fungal capacity can be due to its presence of phenolic monoterpenes-carvacrol and thymol. The phenolic monoterpenes inhibit the growth of Candida by dehydrating the yeast as they react with the water in your bloodstream.

How to Use Oregano Oil

You can use this oil in two ways- oral or topical.

  • Oral Use
  • Topical Use

You can also apply the oregano oil directly to the affected area. If you have itches or any infections in any parts of your body, apply a very small amount at least twice daily. If you have sensitive skin, you can dilute the oregano oil with coconut or olive oil.

For foot or nail fungus treatment, you can soak your feet in a basin of water and a few teaspoons of oregano oil. You can apply 1-2 drops of this oil in blistering burns for immediate relief. For dandruff treatment, put a few drops in your shampoo.

Important Things to Consider

The oregano oil can generate heat when applied to the skin, so do a patch test before you apply it to a sensitive part of your body. It is also not advisable to apply it near the eye area. If you’re taking the oil orally, try to take it before a meal to remove its strong aftertaste.

To get the best antifungal benefits of oregano oil, look for a carvacrol concentration of 50% or more. You can buy oregano oil in health food stores or online. Select the type with a dropper lid just like this, to make accurate measurements.

If during your oregano oil oral intake you feel any symptoms like dizziness, increased heart rate, and joint pains, reduce your dosage a little. These symptoms or also known as die-off effects are caused by the toxic compounds released during the dying process of Candida. As the die-off effects subdue, begin increasing your dosage.

Try to Use Oregano Oil For Candida Today!

Oregano oil is the most effective way of treating Candida naturally. Due to its carvacrol and thymol compounds, it becomes effective in inhibiting the growth of Candida isolates. Here are some ways you can use it.

  • Take 1-3 drops of oregano oil with water or softgels three times a day.
  • Apply a few drops in the affected area. Dilute it with olive or coconut oil if you are to apply it on sensitive body parts.
  • Lower your dosage if you feel some die-off effects like nausea dizziness, or joint pains.

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