Play Kitchen DIV Ideas

Your Ultimate Play Kitchen DIY Ideas (#4 Will Blow Your Mind)

When televised cooking competitions, like MasterChef Junior emerged, it hasn't only spawned its much-deserved five seasons. The show’s popularity has also generated a heftier amount of do-it-yourself play kitchen ideas that are already swarming numerous blogs and YouTube — all for the eternal love of our children who would do anything just to get to experience a play kitchen.

Should we blame Gordon Ramsay and Co. for this massive obsession on cooking and the ceremonious way of placing an asparagus on a plate? I must go with the opposite and say thank you, Mister Ramsay! The DIY play kitchen designs have given my kids and I so much output for our creativities by giving them their own grown up spaces and competitive environment.


Prepare To Throttle Your Creativity!

Throughout this article, I’d be sharing some of my prized DIY play kitchen favorites. Essentially, these picks would aid you on how to transform your unused materials such as kitchen cabinets or even a nightstand at home to your kids’ most frequented place — their soon-to-be, “brand new” play kitchen.

Note: Please ensure that you click on the link for the full instruction for each DIY play kitchen.

1. Pre-loved, Rather Cheap TV Unit Turned Into A Glorious Play Kitchen From Giggleberry Creations

If you’re a fan of a repurposed play kitchen that is coupled with a lot of stories to tell to your nieces and nephews, then this bang-for-a-buck creation might tickle your creativity. With just a little shove of fresh paint and wood, this former TV cabinet is also ideal for homes with larger spaces.

Upon completion, your kids are going to marvel at a mini-fridge, stove and a sink. And you’ll find a hard time hiding that extra window with a view that is a sure-fire favorite of my daughter!

2. Tired Nightstand Resurrects Into A Miniature, Fabulous Kitchen From Little Gray Table

Do you have that old, knackered nightstand that you just couldn’t decide whether to keep it or to throw it out? Now, you might want to stick with the former as you’re just a nightstand away from creating one of your kids’ go-to play kitchen. And what more can you ask for if there is phone just right beside it?

Inspired by a vintage fabric, this play kitchen is adorned with adorable designs from bull's eye shapes to painted wooden knobs that will come in handy for those who truly want to experience the fun of turning those stove knobs! Finish it off with a spice rack along with handy old film canisters and spray-paint them with their favorite colors. Let me know when they start to live in their adorableness by the play kitchen’s side.

3. Old, Barely Used Kitchen Cabinet To New, Fun-Filled Play Kitchen From Young House Love

Don’t be fooled by its minimalistic design as this homemade play kitchen could pass as a real one, sans the plumbing of course! It’s bedecked with oven knobs that actually function as knobs, an oven light that goes on and off and a wire baking rack that will surely send your kids to a frenzy.

Meanwhile, this play kitchen won’t be breaking your wallet too. For just a total of $74, you are guaranteed to purchase plenty of materials such as the stainless sink bowl, wire oven shelf, hinges for the oven door and a trivet among others. Oh, and yes, the old cabinet was only bought for $14! If that wasn’t a steal, I don’t know what is…

4. Old Entertainment Center Metamorphoses Into A Personal Play Kitchen By DIY Network

You should think harder first before finally throwing out that 1980s piece of furniture! This can still be salvaged into a fabulous play kitchen for your aspiring little chefs! With just a minimal set of tools like jigsaw and materials such as a primer and wood screws, your kids will surely give you extra points for this.

As soon as you’re done priming it into an adorable play kitchen, adorn it with a mini blackboard by its side and a little curtain on top. I’m sure a little frame of your nephew wouldn’t hurt if you hang it inside while he looks at it, inspired and fulfilled at the same time.

5. From A Rugged TV Stand To A Modernized Play Kitchen From One Dog Woof

If your kids are more like the modern ones (with little old souls, no less!), then this play kitchen may just knock their socks off! With just a modest budget of less than a hundred dollar and an unsuspecting TV stand, your children’s dream of becoming one of those cooking contestants on TV may not be too farfetched at all.

Built with drawers, cabinets, and dishwashers, this contemporary play kitchen can also be decorated with mini kitchen utensils that should match whatever hue you might be taking into considerations. And if you feel like your daughter likes it Bohemian, then, by all means, go for it! Worry not as its space-age aesthetics are sure to stay.

Make Your Own Ultimate DIY Play Kitchen Now!

While I am more of a minimalist by heart and by aesthetics, my daughter, on the other hand, has this modern taste that is quite evident even at her young age. #5 is clearly getting my vote among this streamlined list of my favorites. Its modern take of a play kitchen is both inspired, flexible and ultra-functional.

You’re not alone if you think that it could be a little confusing which design or procedure to take on among the readily available DIYs of play kitchens on the Internet now. What’s crucial here should come from your inspiration and more importantly, your kids’ needs as a chef as they prepare those gourmet meals!

Please share your experiences on creating your own play kitchen in the comment section below. If you feel like I missed a more fabulous play kitchen around, you can also post the links below! Until then, my fellow play kitchen victors!