7 Reasons Why You Should Consider the Best Under Counter Ice Makers

What is the best under-counter ice makers? In my opinion, it is very difficult to discern one of these from another without doing a lot of research. That is because there are just so many different models and brands out there that you cannot possibly determine a clear winner just based on that. You need to look at each individual type and then determine what factors or aspects matter the most to you based on what you use your ice maker for.

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First, consider production capacity. How much ice per minute does your maker produce? While some brands may advertise higher production rates, the true test is not how much per minute, but rather the production capacity per hour. This is usually expressed in cubic feet per minute. If you are going to be using your ice maker for commercial productions, you will want to focus more on that production capacity metric than the advertised maximums.

Second, consider the price. While it may be true that the top producing ice makers are sold at a premium, this should not necessarily mean that they are the most expensive machine on the market. If you want to get the best machine for the best price possible, you will likely have to look in various places. Do not focus primarily on the brand name when trying to make this decision, as even the reputations of particular ice manufacturers are not always indicative of the quality of their products overall. Instead, focus more on product performance and the average sales price.

Third, consider speed. While efficiency is very important, you also want to be able to churn more cold drinks per minute than your competitors. This is generally expressed in cubic feet per second. Generally, you can get a better idea of the speed at which your under-counter ice makers will churn drinks in the packaging or the ads that you see, but you will also have to take into account the speed at which the machine will actually produce the drinks, as well as the efficiency of the production process.

Fourth, consider efficiency. There are two primary ways in which cold drinks can be produced from your freezer: with ice cubes and with an ice bin. Depending on how much you plan to store in your freezer, you will need different capacity capacities for these two options. The most efficient production rate for ice cubes is about three cubes per minute. This means that if you expect to store five cubes per hour, you will need an internal drain pump that produces at least nine cubic feet per minute. At this speed, the internal capacity of your refrigerator will be adequate for occasional ice cube dispensing.

Fifth, consider durability. Durability and high quality construction are not just important in the case of your appliances, but they are also important in the case of your ice machines. Whynter are many different types of plastic and other materials used to make up the interior of ice machines. Make sure the insides of your refrigerators or ice machines are made of materials that will support the long-term use of your machines, as well as ones that will be easy to clean.

Sixth, consider size. How big is your freezer? Do you need a large production capacity? Do you plan to store your ice in a separate location away from your home? If so, you will want a large refrigerator that has a large production capacity, such as a large ice maker that has a lower production rate than your standard model.

Seventh, consider price. While price is important, you should still think about whether the features you want to have are worth the extra money. For example, the small refrigerators with a single freezer and one ice bin will probably be cheaper than a large undercounter ice machine with a dual freezer and double ice bin. While you might think you would save money, you may be better off with the slightly higher cost-per-unit of your ice maker.

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