Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers – Full Extraction for Delicious Flavor

Now I’m not going to bash drip coffee machines just to praise the best automatic pour over coffee makers. But I am going to state a much-known fact. That the former has been ousted by the latter in the majority of coffee shops. And now the automatic pour over machine is slowly reaching home kitchen spaces as well.

The newer technology eliminates guesswork when it comes to water temperature and even the soaking method. If you get any of the two, and some more crucial factors, wrong, then you’ve failed to create the perfect cup of Joe. So when you have the opportunity and budget to change the outcome, why not make the most of it!

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1900TS

It’s the first pick on the list, after all. So expect the coffee maker to be packed with curated features mimicking the traditional pour-over method of brewing. With the Bonavita BV1900TS, you can prepare Golden Cup level coffee right at home. Meaning the highest quality of coffee there is. Just make sure to follow the instructions, which are very easy by the way.

The 1500W heater is not only powerful but also very precise. So much so that it maintains the proper brewing temperature. That is between 198 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you think this is ace, wait for me to talk about the pre-infusion technology.

The mode of pre-infusion elegantly impersonates the traditional brewing method of pour-over coffee. It can pause the water flow, which is much-needed for the coffee blooming part.

Design-wise, there’s the stainless steel carafe, single-touch operation, and the improved showerhead. The carafe is lined with stainless steel for bringing into the picture excellent thermal capacities. The wide showerhead saturates coffee grounds evenly to make way for optimal, consistent flavor extraction. And the one-touch aspect just simplifies brewing further.

As for the cherry on top of the cake, it’s the budget-friendly price of the 8-cup Bonavita BV1900TS coffee maker. That should seal the deal, am I right?


  • Single-touch operation and auto-off ease out the application.
  • Carafe double-walled with stainless steel for retaining heat.
  • Showerhead, filter basket, and carafe lid are dishwasher-friendly.


  • Carafe not designed with a spout to prevent spills.

OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

The company believes that better brewing leads to better coffee, and that leads to a better day. So if you and OXO are on the same page, you’re looking at your perfect match. The OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker combines technology and art the most deliciously.

The science part of the deal is temperature and time colliding at just the moment. The art involves extracting the rich flavors and fragrances from your favorite coffee beans. The machine heats water at the right temperature. So your roast, no matter the type, can reach full potential. And the coffee maker maintains this temperature until the brewing is complete.

At first, water is pumped in short cycles that pave the way for coffee blooming. On the whole, the cycles are perfectly timed for complete flavor extraction.

Moving on, the smart microprocessor of this automatic pour over coffee machine keeps a check on volume, temperature, and time. It’s a 9-cup model, which means you can select how many ever cups you require. And then you let the OXO coffee maker do the rest.


  • LED interface with backlit screen is very intuitive.
  • Showerhead ensures consistent saturation and full extraction.
  • Brew cycle is microprocessor-controlled for replicating pour-over brewing.
  • Start timer of 24 hours is also included.


  • When you empty the filter, expect some water to dribble out.

Technivorm Moccamaster 79112 KBT Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster 79112 KBT

The Technivorm Moccamaster 79112 KBT Coffee Maker comes in 3 different polished colors. There’s black, stone grey, and silver. So ample importance has been given to the visual appeal. How about the features and functionality though? These are also very appealing to coffee lovers.

The drip-stop, manual-adjust brew basket and thermal carafe made of stainless steel are the high points of the show. 40 ounces of delicious coffee in only 6 minutes is quite a generous amount.

The drip system involves pre-immersion for the perfect blooming of the coffee. All thanks to the natural and ultra-precise pulse action. The copper-constructed boiling element heats water rapidly. So the brewing temperature is maintained between 196 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This means optimal extraction takes place.

Even the saturation time is kept in check for maximizing your coffee’s flavor, complexity, and aroma. All these benefits you’ll be enjoying for a very, very long time. That’s because the Technivorm Moccamaster’s metal housings are incredibly durable. This is great news since you don’t plan on buying a coffee machine every year.


  • Simple, quiet, and quick brewing process.
  • Cone-shaped brew basket regulates steep for maximizing coffee flavor.
  • Only the sustainable kind of plastic is used.


  • Brew basket bottom is not flat.
  • Pour spout is lacking on the carafe.

Cuisinart CPO-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Cuisinart CPO-850

You’ll be thanking Cuisinart for manufacturing the CPO-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer in no time. The first cup of coffee itself makes you want to leave a long positive review of the product on its Amazon page. So anyway, let’s talk about how and why this ranks among the best automatic pour over coffee makers.

The brewing technique is the epitome of precision. The flavor extraction that takes place is so complete and delicious, it’s impossible to not tag it as superior. The electric operation wets those coffee grounds before the brewing even begins. And what this does is allow the flavor of your favorite coffee to bloom to its complete potential.

The strength and temperature you select enable you to customize the coffee. Strength control options include bold, mild, and medium. And the temperature control options are extra hot and hot. It’s these extra features for controlling the strength and temperature that even you might want to buy the coffee maker for right away.


  • Hot plate retains heat without burning the coffee.
  • Automatic on/off and self-clean function.
  • You can control flavor strength and temperature.


  • The display starts to dim over time.

KitchenAid KCM0802OB Pour Over Coffee Brewer

KitchenAid KCM0802OB

No other pour over coffee maker combines control and flavor as well as the KitchenAid KCM0802OB. The control I’m talking about here is one brought about by the manual method of pour-over brewing. You get to work with plenty of programmable features at your convenience.

The infusion of flavor is consistent throughout the brewing process. And you don’t even have to make any manual effort for it. The model is an automatic machine, after all. What’s also equally impressive is the visual display of the coffee maker. It shows every step; including heating, pouring, and steeping.

The remarkable heating technology maintains the temperature between 198 degrees and 204 degrees Fahrenheit. On testing this particular functionality, I did not come across any heat loss throughout the extraction part.

Settings for dark roast are also available by the way. And so is the single-touch operation. But it’s the former that makes room for tasting all the flavor and subtleties within the different roasts. And that makes the most impact if you’re a genuine and diverse coffee lover.


  • It’s a very durable coffee maker.
  • The automatic process of pour-over delivers consistently infused flavor.
  • The progress bar displays all useful information.


  • Brewing takes as long as 10 to 12 minutes.

Bodum BISTRO Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker


For the most delicious and flavorful brew, the Bodum BISTRO Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker is just what you might need at home. The machine funnels through water from the tank via the tempered glass material tube to the wide showerhead. This prevents heat loss, which means the optimal temperature is kept in check.

As for the showerhead, the component is large enough to spread water evenly. The result of which is proper extraction. Along with a well-balanced and flavorful cup each time. And to bring to your attention, it’s the powerful heating technology of the Bodum BISTRO that produces such an outcome.

The filter of the coffee maker has a fine-mesh design. So you can look forward to the delicious aroma as well. Paper filters are not a part of the scene. This means you don’t have to worry about essential coffee oils from getting held back.

Operation-wise, you’re looking at quick and quiet performance. To be more specific about the former, it takes under 6 minutes to prepare coffee. Comparatively speaking, no standard drip coffee maker stands a chance against this phenomenal automatic pour-over machine by Bodum.


  • Silicone-equipped showerhead enables unobstructed water flow.
  • Heating element maintains heat without compromising flavor.
  • Double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe is included.
  • Stainless steel, fine-meshed permanent filter delivers pure aroma.


  • Basket lacks any markings for the amount of beans to add.
  • Pitcher bottom collects drips and isn’t very easy to clean.

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto

Let me tell you something that you probably want to hear first if you don’t have enough kitchen counter space. The Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto is a very compact coffee maker. So it’s completely alright if your kitchen counter is not that roomy. Convenience is a quality this automatic drip coffee machine has a lot to offer.

Speaking of convenience, the water tank is removable. So you don’t have to fill the reservoir with water. Instead, you simply pull out the container and then pour water. Also, the water filter is durable.

You can brew 5 cups and expect them to remain warm for a while until you serve or drink them yourself.

About the design, you should know that the cone-shaped basket fits into the carafe. This is how the unit is the best compact coffee maker on the list.

In terms of coffee quality, there are no complaints. I used a dark roast pre-ground version for testing and my impression is nothing but positive. No matter what roast you wish to try, your coffee will certainly taste great. In fact, you’ll find yourself using 50 percent less ground coffee with the Zojirushi Drip Coffeemaker.


  • The charcoal filter is best for purifying water and lasting for a longer time.
  • Removable water tank enables easy re-filling and cleaning.
  • Exact coffee flavors get captured.


  • It brews only 5 cups.
  • No automatic off function.

Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer

Now here’s one of the best large-capacity automatic pour over coffee makers. The Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker prepares 12 cups of coffee. The machine is well-equipped to deliver filter brewing but without the manual effort.

You get to work with six different brewing modes. These include My Brew, Cold Brew, Iced, Strong, Fast, and Gold. My Brew is the one you can choose when you wish to adjust brewing temp, flow rate, and bloom time.

The manufacturer understands just how important it is for you to have precise control at the time of brewing. Control over contact time, temperature, and flow rate. For contact time, there are three various flow rates. For temperature, there’s PID control, which is precise and adjustable.

The heating technology is not like the coil systems that use aluminum. The water here is comparatively purer than those typical brewing mechanisms.

Furthermore, Breville has installed automatic Steep/Release technology. It is a very useful feature for brewing small cups without the glass carafe.

To sum it up, the Breville BDC400 is a great automatic machine that brews not only better tasting but also smoother coffee. After all, it’s equipped with an exceptional Gold setting.


  • Bloom cycle delivers coffee quality like pour-over.
  • Easily detachable showerhead for cleaning.
  • It features 6 brew settings, including iced coffee.


  • Too bulky and noisy.

Brim 8-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker


The process of the Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker may be simple. But the taste is exceptionally delicious. In my opinion, it’s the showerhead of the coffee machine that contributes to its success story. The element is designed to deliver even coffee saturation and turbulence. In simple words, the smoothness factor remains consistent throughout the brewing.

This showerhead utilizes pulse brewing action to offer full blooming of your favorite coffee. Then there’s the fine-meshed, laser-etched permanent filter. It makes sure the ratio of water to coffee is well-balanced.

The coffee maker is also optimally equipped to maintain the brewing temperature between 197 degrees and 204 degrees Fahrenheit. This brings into the picture ultimate extraction.

Now I’ve mentioned that it’s a simple model. But that doesn’t mean the coffee maker has no auto-off function. It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. And as for quality, you know the Brim invention is among top contenders when the manufacturer also designs coffee grinders, espresso makers, etc. Each unit is a part of the winners club in every category.


  • Brewing time is only 5 minutes.
  • Clean-up process is quick and easy.
  • It’s a high-quality automatic coffee maker.


  • No brew time settings or the ability to keep coffee warm for long.

Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Maker

Chemex Ottomatic Coffeemaker

Now it’s time to try a different version of a pour over coffee maker. The Chemex Ottomatic set includes a water dispenser and 6-cup glass carafe and its cover. Along with cleaner and filters!

Even though different from the 9 coffee makers reviewed above, the Ottomatic is a very competitive model. This Chemex manages crucial brewing factors like water temperature, contact time, and pre-infusion.

The spray head facilitates proper extraction with the help of staged brewing. It pulses water to make the whole coffee bed wet. And the water used is perfectly hot for complete extraction. So what the machine does is eliminate guesswork from the brewing experience.

I even liked the hot plate as it allowed me to keep the coffee warm for a longer time. And that too without compromising or burning the flavor. To be honest, it’s the perfect unit for a greedy and picky coffee lover, just like me.


  • Heating temperature is optimal for full extraction and flavor.
  • Hot plate keeps everything warm for long.
  • It’s a high-quality, durable Chemex.


  • Not the traditional automatic pour-over coffee machine.

Brief History on Pour Over Coffee Makers

Back in the days, I’m talking 500 years ago, coffee was just mixed with water. It took a long time for our ancestors to understand that coffee tastes much better when its beans are fermented and then dried. Even when roasted as a matter of fact!

During the 1790s, there was a device that let water travel through coffee placed in a muslin or gauze filter. But the boiled coffee option was still preferred by many because of its effortless preparation. Nevertheless, “filtered” or percolated coffee didn’t take a long time to take over.

But it was during the 1970s that the first machine was built, which was also very convenient to use. On top of that, it delivered less bitter and cleaner coffee in comparison to boiled or percolated coffee. This machine was called Mr. Coffee. And its phenomenal auto-dripper function swarmed the industry pretty quickly. Until every genuine coffee lover had such a coffee maker right at home!

Pour Over Coffee vs Drip Coffee

Both the brewing methods involve pouring over the coffee grounds. But the results they produce are not the same. Let’s find out more below.

Pour Over Method of Brewing Coffee

This is the simplest technique, no doubt. What you have to do is pour water through and over the coffee grounds. The extraction of flavor and aroma takes place. Without the use of any advanced brewing technology!

No matter the brewing method, the stages of the process are much the same. The first is wetting the coffee grounds, then dissolution, and finally diffusion. Each phase is connected to another. Allow me to elaborate.

When you add hot water for the purpose of wetting the grounds, stop pouring just when this water gets absorbed. By doing this, you’re only allowing carbon dioxide to escape for around 30 seconds. In the meantime, the blooming effect of coffee occurs.

Now keep in mind that brewing should be stopped when the flavors of the coffee get dissolved in hot water. The beans contain solutes responsible for producing an unpleasant and pleasant taste. So you have to understand that dissolution begins immediately once the beans become fully wet.

Hot water starts to dissolve all the organic acids, sugar, and various other particles of the beans. The process takes up one-third of the total coffee mass. And it’s during this particular phase that flavor extraction dominates the brew.

The final aspect is diffusion. You have to make sure the dissolved coffee separates from the grounds. So please filter carefully. Striking the perfect flavor balance means extracting not above 20 percent of the mass for avoiding bitter and sour tasting coffee.

Advantages of the Pour-Over Brewing Method:

  • Full control over brewing time and the amount of water you pour.
  • A bolder and richer flavor is extracted from the coffee grounds. Since you get to control the pouring speed, you can control the strength of your beverage. Faster pouring means lighter taste while longer pouring makes the flavor stronger.

Disadvantages of the Pour-Over Brewing Method:

  • It’s not the fastest brewing method. You can’t prepare fresh, delicious coffee like this if you’re always in a hurry.

Drip Method of Brewing Coffee

It’s one of the most popular and common household brewing methods. Setting it up is very easy, which explains why drip coffee is so favored. The current market consists of high-end models that allow you to set them up before going to bed as well. This means the machines have the ability to begin brewing first thing in the morning.

So features like integrated timer, “Keep Warm” function, and even in-built grinders are important in this case.

The drip brewing method filters your coffee grounds. So this keeps all the essential fatty acids from mixing with the final beverage.

Advantages of the Drip Brewing Method:

  • The combination of low temperature and slow brewing brings in more aroma and flavor.
  • It offers more caffeine content than espresso for the caffeine addict in you.
  • The option to use just about any coffee beans is at your disposal.

Disadvantages of the Drip Brewing Method:

  • No room for adjustments during the brewing process.

Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers: Old Design with a Modern Twist

The traditional pour over coffee maker was not perfect. After brewing, its hot plate would make the coffee taste bitter if left on for too long. As is the same in the case of a percolator.

On top of that, original machines dumped water over the grounds just like that. So everything else was left in the hands of diffusion and gravity.

But that’s not what happens anymore. Consistently even extraction is as important as the caffeine present in the coffee, isn’t it? So only skilled pour over coffee makers of today can produce the most refined and finest cup of freshly brewed coffee. And this is where automatic pour over coffee makers come to the rescue.

Important Factors of the Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers


Being able to maintain the optimal temperature between 195 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit is not something that all pour over machines can do. But the ones that have the capacity to do so should be chosen.

Water Delivery

The older models simply pushed water into the filter. When this happens, the coffee outside gets under-extracted and the rest gets over-extracted. But now modern machines are equipped with showerheads. This system distributes water evenly throughout the grounds for better extraction.

Pre-Brew Setting

The pre-brewing mode prepares the coffee by blooming it. The setting mimics the actual brewing technique of the conventional pour over coffee maker.

Hot Plate or Carafe

Without any one of the above, you cannot expect your freshly prepared, hot coffee to remain like that until you finish it all up. Both carafes and hot plates keep your beverage warm for longer without making it taste bitter or burning it.

Final Words

Needless to say, the pour-over brewing method offers all the control you might demand. When you have the opportunity to adjust your pouring style and water temperature, you can eventually prepare delicious cups of coffee. And the best part is that automatic pour over coffee makers are designed with showerheads for even extraction.

Add more time for a stronger brew and less time for a weaker extraction. Something you cannot do with standard drip coffee machines!

But let me tell you that nothing here makes sense if you don’t select high-quality coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. And in the case of the former, if the beans are not ground properly, whatever you do after that gets jeopardized.

So, in the end, I would just like to say one thing. You cannot control all the brewing steps of course. But you can buy the best automatic pour-over coffee machine for regulating the method the most accurately.

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