Best Kohler Kitchen Faucet – What’s Hot?

There is no Kohler kitchen faucet that will be perfect for every situation. If you are fortunate enough to live in a home with a wall and floor space large enough for a countertop faucet, you may be in luck. Kohler faucets come in many sizes and price ranges. You can choose the one that is right for your kitchen, but there are also some disadvantages associated with these popular tips. While these disadvantages are to be expected, they may make you want to consider a different brand of faucet.

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The first disadvantage that is noticeable when you compare a Kohler faucet to that of a traditional look faucet is that the spout is shorter. This shorter spout creates a problem when installing the unit. You will need to install it on the wall behind the stove or in the lower part of the sink. If you are like most people and have limited workspace, this could pose a problem. You could end up having to install the faucet into a wall that already has a hole drilled into it.

Because of this complication, you may not be able to install a faucet that is larger than the opening of the sink, which would leave you with a small sink and a very tiny kitchen. If you have children, this limitation could prove disastrous. Fortunately, Kohler has tackled this issue by including a magnetic docking system that allows you to use a longer sink opening.

The second problem that you may encounter with a Kohler faucet is limited water flow. Because of the design of the body of the faucet, the supply lines cannot extend to the outer edge of the sink. Instead, the supply lines are limited to the center of the sink body and only extend outward an inch or two. This means that if your countertop is lower than the middle of the sink, you will not have enough room to add a spray hose to the overflow. If your kitchen is in an older home, this could be an issue. Older homes often have supply lines that were not put in to properly connect them to the sink.

The third possible drawback to a Kohler kitchen faucet is its limited warranty. A traditional look is definitely more expensive than one that has a more modern design. While a warranty is not as big a concern with the modern faucets as it is with a traditional model, it is still important to make sure that you purchase one with a decent warranty. If your faucet breaks down after the warranty has expired, you are stuck replacing it for free.

A Kohler faucet is also very easy to install. There is a simple key set that allows you to quickly turn on the spout and turn off the water. A magnetic docking system adds additional security because it securely locks the spout in place. The locking mechanism is a patented feature and works very well, even on extremely hard water and soap scum build up.

The best reviews of Kohler kitchen faucets point out several other practical features. This includes their leak proof handle which makes it difficult to drip water from any direction into the sink. They also use a single-handle design that is easy to use and maintain. Since all the supply lines run through one hole, they are great at providing quick, even water pressure.

If you are looking for a faucet that has excellent performance and a polished chrome or stainless steel body, then the Kohler pull-out kitchen faucet is the one for you. It is an innovated design that allows you to pull the handle to the right place to turn the water on or off. No matter what your style preferences are, there is a Kohler faucet to suit you. These faucets can be found in many home improvement stores, as well as online.

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