12 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands: Flavorful, Healthy, and Stomach-Friendly

Why am I discussing low acid coffee in this article? And why are you looking for the best low acid coffee? I guess it’s because every time you drink high acid coffee, your heart starts to hammer, your stomach gets upset, and maybe even your throat begins to burn.

These are very common side effects of consuming high acid coffee that most people struggle to be okay with just because they want to satisfy their caffeine cravings. But what if I tell you that you don’t have to experience such unpleasant aftereffects for your espresso and cappuccinos anymore?

Indeed, there is a way to devour caffeine-infused beverages without your stomach having to feel so irritated. Do you believe me? Well, I’m sure you will once you go through the reviews I’ve laid out for you below.

#1 Café Don Pablo 2LB Organic Gourmet Coffee

Cafe Don Pablo 2LB Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee

The first pick on the list is none other than this medium-dark roast by Café Don Pablo. It’s not just stomach-friendly coffee but also eco-friendly. Subtle Earth here grows and harvests high-mountain coffee beans. The beans come from fresh, rich soil that doesn’t contain any pesticides. Meaning the conditions they thrive on are all-natural.

Such a practice also brings out a fully-developed and complex flavor profile. The caffeine kick packed in here is enough to quench your cravings. It does taste slightly bitter though, I won’t lie to you about that. But this bitterness is sort of well-balanced by a touch of caramel, chocolate, and honey. I would say it’s the perfect blend of sweet and strong.

Unquestionably, this is low acid coffee that doesn’t upset the stomach or the throat. So it’s a great choice for you if you have digestive issues. Also great if you enjoy a mild flavored medium-dark roast. One that offers the perfect, pleasant high balance of body and flavor!

Additionally, the 100% Arabica whole bean coffee is USDA Organic Certified (1). But I guess you already knew that. However, what you might not be aware of is how well the brand understands how much you value the ratio of cost to quantity. In simple words, the amount in here is generous enough for the amount you’re willing to pay for the coffee. So from whatever angle you choose to look at this, you’re in for a complete treat.

#2 Puroast Low Acid Dark French Roast Coffee

Puroast Low Acid Coffee Dark French Roast

Do you know how Puroast prepares low acid coffee? They do so by roasting Venezuelan coffee beans slowly using wood fire. So this whole bean coffee contains 70 percent less acid than any regular coffee. These French roasted beans are also equipped with more antioxidants. More in comparison to other brands and even green tea!

The fragrant and smooth dark roast is organic, calorie-free, Kosher-certified, and gluten-free. So the health benefits are the most tempting aspects in this case. Roasting the way they do, these coffee beans achieve their full potential, which allows them to draw out the complete flavor. And all this happens without destroying the natural oils of the coffee of course.

The dark French roast essence is such that you can drink it as much as you like without feeling uneasy. It might seem a bit flat and weak at first. But as you keep sipping, your taste buds will recognize and even appreciate the buttery and velvety character of the mild flavor.

This coffee is the perfect option for those who want to devour French roast but don’t quite enjoy bold or strong coffee. So no more having to pour some water for weakening the flavor! The brew is perfectly well-balanced in that sense. This in itself can be a flaw, don’t you think?

#3 Java Planet Colombian USDA Organic Coffee Beans

Java Planet Colombian USDA Organic Coffee Beans

Java Planet has made use of Arabica Colombian coffee beans to prepare this low acid, medium-dark roast coffee. The roasting is done in limited batches to ensure maximum freshness and flavor retention. So what’s the flavor like? The taste is quite bold yet well-balanced and full-bodied. As for the acid level, it’s quite mild, which is great for your sensitive tummy.

The brand is among those who are genuinely dedicated to producing premium quality, pure, organic coffee beans. Without damaging the local conditions and environment! Unlike companies that take the bare minimum steps to simply get the “USDA Organic” sticker.

When toxins, chemicals, and acids are not a part of the growing phase, what happens is the beans get the opportunity to achieve a rich and full-bodied flavor. This is quite discernible to your taste buds in every brew you make at home. The hints of spices, dark chocolate, and caramel also don’t upset the stomach. Nor do they taste bitter after every sip.

So you don’t have to force yourself to consume bitter or high acid coffee just because of your daily caffeine fix. You can just as easily choose Java Planet whole bean coffee that offers not only an energy boost but also plenty body and flavor. Although don’t expect the perfect medium-dark roast. The coffee is more medium than it is dark.

#4 Folgers Simply Smooth Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Folgers Simply Smooth Medium Roast Ground Coffee

This ground co​​ffee by Folgers is both blended and roasted very carefully. The special care is taken for reducing potential stomach-upsetting irritants. And needless to say, the flavor is rich and full in every cup. That’s what Folgers is so popular for!

There are many Folgers roasts available in the form of instant coffee, K-cup coffee, single-serve coffee, and more. And almost all of them are among the top 10 in their respective categories. So it’s no surprise that this medium roast ground coffee is a part of the best low acid coffee.

The coffee is smooth and easy on the tummy, obviously. What’s not so obvious is the secure, airtight canister the ground coffee comes in. This container features an interlocked AromaSeal for preserving the freshness as much as possible. So you can savor every bit of it for as long as you want without having to worry about freshness.

As for the taste, you need to know this. More often than not, low acid coffee is too strong-flavored and also bitter along the way. Particularly if it’s a medium or dark roast! But once you try Folgers, you’ll know how low acid coffee is not actually supposed to taste that way. It can be just as delicious, flavorful, and smooth as high acid coffee. But without the soaring acid profile and tummy trouble!

However, I would like to issue a warning. Do you like your daily coffee black? If yes, then you might have to make do with this medium roast as it’s not strong enough for black coffee.

#5 Euromild Low Acid Decaffeinated Ground Coffee

Euromild Low Acid Decaffeinated Ground Coffee

For those dealing with serious digestive or stomach conditions, Euromild ground coffee is just what you need for your daily morning brew. This decaffeinated coffee actually tastes like regular caffeinated coffee. It’s not only been subjected to the decaffeinated process, but the coffee is also de-acidified.

The taste is quite rich, without any bitterness. As a matter of fact, the chances are you might have never tasted coffee as good as this, even caffeinated kind. So it goes without saying that this low acid ground coffee is better than the cheap knockoffs that some brands claim have a low acid profile.

The mild flavor is very smooth and enjoyable first thing in the morning. Or even at night since it’s decaf coffee. The lack of caffeine in here is great for those who cannot deal with the anxiety that caffeinated coffee brings into the picture. So no negative side effects of both caffeine and high acid content!

It’s a rich and flavorful medium roast, they say. But the coffee is slightly stronger, only in terms of roast, than it should be.

#6 Lucy Jo’s Coffee Organic Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend

Lucy Jo’s Coffee Organic Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend

Organic Arabica beans are a part of this ground coffee. These coffee beans are sourced from Brazil and Indonesia. And about the roasting process, it’s a combination of low acid and slow roasting. The final result is delicious, smooth, and sweet coffee with subtle spice overtones and earthy flavors. A total stomach-friendly option too!

Lucy Jo’s Coffee is a family-run, organic business that provides the freshest roasted coffee. The brand is slowly growing to accommodate a much wider audience given how mild the current Mellow Belly flavor is. No need for any interventions once you get hooked on to this low acid ground coffee.

There’s a whole bean coffee version as well, in the same flavor. And both smell freshly roasted, which is something that coffee lovers thrive on. What your taste buds will be devouring here is a medium-dark roast with a decent caffeine content to pick you up in the morning.

The only complain-worthy aspect is poor packaging. You’d think the bag is airtight, which ideally it should be, but it’s not.

#7 Simpatico Low Acid Decaf Dark Roast Coffee

Simpatico Low Acid Decaf Dark Roast Coffee

In a nutshell, this decaf dark roast is for those who have been advised or who don’t wish to consume caffeine at all. The level of caffeine in here is reduced by 95 percent. That means low caffeine and low acid. This seems like a healthy combination, doesn’t it?

The roasting and packaging are done in Holland where it goes through meticulous quality control. This process is an important one when the production of the best low acid coffee is concerned.

But what about the taste, is it really delicious given the low acid, decaf profile? The answer to this question doesn’t disappoint. The dark roast is definitely smooth, flavorful, and aromatic. Thanks to the use of 100 percent Arabica beans.

The water-processed decaffeination method delivers chemical-free, healthy results. The body is woodsy with notes of rich milk chocolate. And just because it’s dark roast doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy it when dealing with serious conditions like interstitial cystitis. This decaf coffee is a popular choice among heavy coffee drinkers too.

But you have to pay a hefty price for it, in terms of nothing but the cost.

#8 HealthWise 100% Colombian Supremo Low Acid Coffee

HealthWise 100% Colombian Supremo Low Acid Coffee

As far as the taste of the coffee goes, there are very few options as delicious as this one right here. And how can it not be so delightful when the coffee beans come from Colombia! The health benefits of this certified, high-grade coffee are the highlight of the show. Thanks to its rich content of vitamins, antioxidants, and other such nutrients.

HealthWise employs the exclusive TechnoRoasting process, which is FDA-approved by the way. It’s what minimizes the acid that causes all the heartburn. This roasting method also ensures the protection of essential nutrients. Now, this is something you cannot expect from other common roasting techniques.

Moving on, each cup you brew is mild and mellow, as per your liking. But there is a certain level of bitterness you might not care for. However, this doesn’t really affect the overall smooth and light taste of the coffee.

So if you’re still planning to consider buying this option, then do it for the special TechnoRoasting. It’s certainly worth looking into if you’re genuinely inclined toward a low acid profile of coffee. Plus, the coffee has many health-boosting advantages too to make your day both full of energy and invigorating.

#9 Trader Joe’s Low Acid French Roast Coffee

Trader Joe's Low Acid French Roast Coffee

Now it’s time for rich and strong whole bean dark roast coffee. This is made using 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, which are not ground as you already know. Arabica beans suggest top quality along with rich flavor!

For those who cannot enjoy more than a single cup of regular caffeinated coffee daily find the current low acid option a real life-saver. If you’re one of those, you’re free to have as many cups as you like, as long as you’re keeping your caffeine intake under control.

You can prepare earthy, rich coffee with these whole beans. The taste is quite savory and unique that even you won’t hold back when it comes to recommending this to fellow caffeine lovers.

What’s so special here is that the dark roast is abundantly rich without any burnt flavor. Your morning brew remains balanced between smooth and strong with a gentle finish and no bitter aftertaste.

You’ll also like that the coffee is Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified. It just goes to show how the brand Trader Joe’s cares for their community of growers and planet Earth. To be honest, there’s not much to complain about here. Except maybe for the lack of the deep, rich aroma your olfactory senses usually like to savor before every sip.

#10 Kava Acid-Neutralized Instant Coffee

Kava Acid-Neutralized Instant Coffee

Who says that inst​​ant coffee is no good? Someone who hasn’t cared enough to give brands like Kava a try. There may be very few such great manufacturers of instant coffee, and they’re worth the extra trouble. So you don’t need to give up hope just yet. This instant coffee, despite the low acid profile, tastes very delicious.

The acid-neutralized part means the acid is removed, at least by 90 percent. This is great news if your stomach sensitivities get triggered by regular, high acid coffee. Needless to say, every cup is rich, aromatic, and tasty. Minus the bitterness that too!

It’s full-flavored coffee that, when you compare to any leading instant coffee, contains at least half the amount of acid. So it’s perfect for conditions like heartburn, acid indigestion, acid reflux, and the like.

The instant powder is not only healthy and easy for the tummy, but it’s also pretty smooth. It doesn’t feel like low acid coffee at all. You still think you’re drinking a regular cup of coffee. That’s how normal the low acid content feels.

But here’s the wild card you might be looking for. You can use this instant coffee to prepare caffeine-infused iced beverages too, such as iced coffee itself. So if other instant coffee flavors are trying to kill you, you can live a healthy and happy life with this one.

But, quite unfortunately, potassium hydroxide is used for acid neutralization. And that particular element is not good news.

#11 Tieman’s Fusion Low Acid Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Tieman's Fusion Coffee, Low Acid Medium Roast

Arabica coffee beans sourced from Central and South America are used to make this medium roast low acid ground coffee. But what’s the “fusion” part of the coffee? It refers to matcha green tea, goji berry, and rooibos red tea. All the three ingredients offer an almost neutral pH balance, which implies low acid profile.

Now that you know what sets this coffee apart from the rest, let’s find out more about those unique characteristics. The coffee is packed with more antioxidants, 5 times more to be specific.

The green tea content burns your stored fat while also creating energy. This means you get that much-needed energy boost without feeling any jitters or an upset stomach. As for goji berry, its anti-inflammatory properties are commendable. They are very useful for resolving stomach complaints. And lastly, rooibos calms digestion.

Moreover, the flavor is incredibly smooth, even for a French Press-prepared brew. Speaking of which, it’s a medium roast with a high level of caffeine and low level of acid profile. This fusion coffee is highly likely to become your favorite if you’re a health-conscious coffee drinker.

And if that’s the case, then you might not even have a problem with the lack of the typical coffee smell. The aroma is actually on the sweeter side.

#12 Trucup Low Acid Medium Roast Coffee K-Cups

trücup Low Acid Coffee Single Serve Cups

Okay so you’re looking for the best low acid coffee but you can’t seem to stray away from your precious Keurig machine. Is that it? If yes, I have just the solution for you. In the form of these single serve K-cups that are also low acid by the way. So that’s another solution for your stomach sensitivities.

This medium roast coffee is ideal for those combating acid reflux, heartburn, and other warnings signs that regular coffee gives rise to. Just because these consequences occur doesn’t mean you give up drinking your daily dose of caffeine. Instead, why not keep the acid present in the coffee at bay!

These recyclable pods are plenty smooth and delicious. The acid removal is done using an all-natural, patented process that involves water and steam. Moreover, the premium coffee beans are roasted in small batches to maximize freshness.

Trucup is a brand that produces bagged coffees too, in case you’re wondering. And if any of their bagged coffee has a quality and flavor like their K-cups, expect no setbacks whatsoever.

Truthfully speaking, this coffee is much smoother in comparison to both high and other low acid options. However, this same flavor, with regards to boldness, is not as impressive as the acid content. And that’s the only disappointing aspect here.

The Topic of Conversation: Acid, Not Acidity

First, allow me to talk about coffee and coffee acid.

Any standard brew offers almost 30 different kinds of acids, much like citrus fruits and vinegar. You measure acidity using the common pH scale, right? The highly acidic level is 0 and completely basic is 14. So you can say that unadulterated, pure water scores 7 on pH scale, which implies it’s neutral.

With me so far? If yes, then let’s move on.

How about coffee, how does it rank on pH scale? A normal cup of coffee hits 5 on pH scale. That means coffee is less acidic in comparison to fruit juice. As for the natural stomach acid, its pH level is 0. So you see how a delicate digestive system and acidic drinks/foods are not such an ideal combination.

Now let’s talk about coffee and coffee acidity.

When manufacturers or reviewers like me speak of the “acidity” of coffee, it means the flavors are in the spotlight. The flavor profile, and not acid content, understood?

The acidity of coffee is what indicates its bean quality. For instance, high altitude-grown coffee beans are acidic because of their bright and zesty flavor notes.

So what’s the conclusion here? That don’t dismiss coffee just because its profile acidity has been mentioned. Keep in mind that dark roasts tend to be less acidic due to their distinctive flavor. But these dark roasts have a higher content of quinic acid, which is actually responsible for the unpleasant feeling in the stomach.

Low Acid Coffee: Good or Bad?

Drinking regular coffee has a reputation for lowering chances of heart disease, cancer, and dementia, among many other health benefits. This is undeniable. And so are the harmful effects of coffee.

The caffeine and acidity present in coffee are likely to irritate your stomach lining. No wonder darker roasts are more popular than lighter ones. The beans of the former are roasted for a longer time. Due to which they lose a little bit of their natural caffeine and acidity.

Coffee snobs can roll their eyes all they want, but it’s a fact that cutting back on coffee acid while also enjoying your type of roast is possible now. Thanks to low acid coffee. Even the lighter roasts of low acid coffee are stomach-friendly. They score a 5.74 on pH scale while regular light roasts have a pH level of 5.

Here are some of the most important reasons to switch to low acid coffee right away:

Easy on the Stomach

Do you have gastritis, GERD, peptic ulcers, or the like? If yes, then there’s no negating the truth that low acid coffee is the safest alternative. It is gentle enough to not trigger excessive acid or juices in your tummy.

Moreover, low acid doesn’t even trouble your stomach and throat lining.

Reduces the Chances of Insomnia

Too much caffeine increases the likelihood of staying up at night. Such an effect might be more common in the elderly than in younger adults. Either way, if you decide to switch to low acid coffee, you’re doing whatever is under your control to minimize the risk of insomnia.

But does low acid coffee automatically mean less caffeine too? In most cases, yes it does.

Promotes Dental Health

Coffee acidity and tooth enamel have never been good buddies. Anything that scores a 5 or less on pH scale has a negative impact on your teeth. This is why drinking soda or beer (pH level 4) is not such a good idea for your dental wellbeing.

So your fresh cup of brew is actually ruining and thinning your teeth. If you’re a typical java lover, you have nothing to worry about. But if you consume coffee excessively or you already have dental issues, you’re in for some trouble.

This means if you don’t want to consume low acid coffee for your tummy, then at least do it for your smile.

How to Neutralize the Acid in Coffee

Growing Region

It’s only natural to assume that the place the coffee beans come from also determines its acid profile. Let me explain this with some useful examples below.

Ethiopian coffee is quite popular for having a high acid level. It’s also very famous for being citrusy and bright with a touch of orange and lemon. On the other side of the coin lies low acid Guatemalan coffee. This tastes more like berries, pears, and apples. The acidity is soft and balanced due to the presence of malic acid throughout the roasting process.

Another great example is Sumatran coffee, which is known for its earthy and chocolaty flavors. This region provides a very mellow and soft experience in terms of acidity.

So you have to take this particular factor into account. Acidity, for the most part, contributes to flavor to a great extent. This is why low acid coffee tends to be less flavorful.

Roast Level

To understand this, all you have to do is use your common sense

Lighter roasts are packed with more caffeine, right? Caffeine has a direct impact on the natural stomach acids. The former inevitably increases the release of the latter. So it’s no surprise to find out that a lighter roast is not such a low acid, stomach-friendly choice.

Cold/Hot Brewing

Cold brew has a low acid content…

The temperature and method of brewing also have an effect on the acid profile of your caffeine-infused beverage. So what is the most preferred brewing technique for low acid coffee? It’s slow-steeping of cold brew.

Cold brew coffee has a much less acid level (70 percent less) than regular hot coffee. Even though both are prepared using the same coffee beans! And that’s because, during the cold brewing process, the grounds of coffee are marinated in cold water for around 24 hours. This has the ability to naturally eliminate some of the acidity.

But what about devouring a cup of hot brew with low acid? This brings me to the next part of the article.

Grind Size

For a hot cup of brew on a chilly winter day, you can prepare coffee and not bother your stomach at the same time. But how is that possible since it’s cold brew that has a low acid content? The answer is simple. Just ditch the fine grind and choose coarse. Coarsely ground coffee beans, in the case of a French Press, prepare a brew low in acid. It’s a known fact that coarser beans secrete less acid into the water.

Another way to savor a hot brew and keep the acid to a minimum is to dilute your drink. By adding either cream or milk. Did you know that calcium present in dairy products has strong antacid properties? But if you like black coffee, how about adding calcium powder instead, the flavorless kind?

Coffee Acid in Caffeinated Coffee vs. Decaffeinated Coffee

Switching to decaf cof​​fee is a healthy move. But if you keep your daily caffeine consumption in check, it’s safe to drink caffeinated coffee as well. However, this doesn’t hold true if you have a sensitive gut or issues such as acid reflux. In that case, decaf coffee is a good option since it offers a low acid profile.

But you know there’s evidence to support both sides of the coin. Meaning people drinking decaf coffee have experienced both less and more symptoms of acid reflux. So what matters here is the type of coffee bean subjected to decaffeination.

When I say the type of coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica beans (6) come to mind. The former is definitely not as popular as the latter. That’s because it adds a much stronger flavor than Arabica coffee beans. This is why, more often than not, Robusta is combined with Arabica. So it’s only logical to assume that Robusta beans have a naturally high acid content.

In the end, I would just like to state a simple truth. That decaffeinated coffee contains minimal caffeine. And this means it’s less likely to cause trouble in your tummy and along its lining. A cup of 8 ounces of decaf coffee provides your body with 8-14 mg of caffeine. While the same cup with caffeinated coffee offers nearly 75 mg.

Low Acid Coffee: Different Types

So what really is the difference between treated low acid and inadvertent low acid coffee? Here it is!


This type of low acid coffee involves beans produced using a special processing method. Such a technique produces low acid deliberately. One good example is the slow-roasted Brazilian coffee.

Here’s another fact. Coffee beans are subjected to steaming to eliminate the waxy outer layer prior to roasting. This method too deliberately lowers the acid content present in the beans.


You should know that low acid coffee in the inadvertent form has a naturally low acid level. Such an outcome is achieved by growing the beans at lower elevations. Nations like Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, and Sumatra yield coffee beans with a low acid profile.

Final Thoughts

Delicate digestion deserves the best low acid coffee. There’s no reason for you to be sipping regular coffee and having to deal with an upset stomach throughout the day. Nor is there any reason for you to consume cheap quality low acid coffee.

Now you know that not every coffee out there is grown, roasted, and even ground equally. Differences in these departments determine the acid profile of the coffee. But it’s not easy trying to figure out the best combination to satisfy your taste buds and tummy. So I have done that very job for you by reviewing the top 12 most delicious and stomach-friendly options.

Time to stop chasing antacids after every cup at work or home!

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