How To Cook Creamy Dreamy Zucchini Pasta Perfectly?

How To Cook Creamy Dreamy Zucchini Pasta Perfectly?

Pasta is one of the best comfort foods out there. And it is just as sinful as it is delicious. Yes, instant happiness and comfort can be results of a bowl of pasta, but long-term results are less pleasant, and they can include everything from persistent belly fat to metabolism working at a slower rate. But there is a way to eat pasta the healthier way.

Even though many Italians would say that zucchini pasta is nothing short of blasphemy, it is, in fact, healthy, tasty and satisfying. If you want to know all about the zucchini pasta and how to make it, stick around because this article is going to explain just that. As a bonus, you will get a creamy, dreamy zucchini pasta recipe.

Why Is Zucchini Pasta Non-Carb Answer To Traditional Pasta?

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For some time now zucchini pasta is a raging trend, not only in the restaurants but also among Instagrammers and other millennials searching for a healthier way to meet their comfort food needs. With the help of a spiralizer machine, zucchinis are turned into a shape which is similar to spaghetti or noodles, and when you serve them, you could full even the most invested pasta lover that you’ve served him/her a plate of carbs. This is very important because a large part of people eat with their eyes too. If something looks good, it will taste even better.

Looks isn’t the only thing that makes zucchini an ideal healthy substitute for unhealthy dough. Zucchini noodles or spaghetti are crunchy and tasty unless if they are boiled in water, in that case, they can be watery, too soft and prone to falling apart.

Taste And Health Benefits Of The Zucchini

Creamy Dreamy Zucchini Pasta

This summer squash has a tender texture, about 20 calories per cup and a mildly sweet flavor. Zucchinis rich nutritional profile, which includes minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients make it very beneficial for your health. As a good source of vitamin A, it protects your cells and skin against aging, promotes healthy eyesight, and improves bone health.

What Goes Well With Zucchini Pasta?

The mild sweetness and unique texture limit the choice of ingredients to serve in zucchini pasta. However, there are some you can never go wrong with, such as avocado (soft texture, neutral taste), tomato sauce (its sourness combines well with zucchini), chili peppers (hot and sweet – a match made in heaven), fresh herbs, lemon zest, Parmesan, etc.

How To Spiralize Zucchini?

It is enough to have a simple plastic spiralizer to make the shape you want to. Turn on the “pasta” blade (if there are more than one blades on the spiralizer). There are several steps you need to take from there.

● Prepare the zucchini (trim the ends of the squash and cut the zucchinis in vertical halves).
● Insert zucchini in the spiralizer. Center it well.
● Start turning the handle.
● Roast, sauté or eat immediately.

Two Most Efficient Ways Of Preparing The Zucchini Pasta

Creamy Dreamy Zucchini Pasta

As we’ve already mentioned, it is possible and quite tasty to eat the spiralized zucchinis raw, but if you want a different texture and more flavor, it is best to sauté or roast them. Avoid boiling, because the spaghetti or noodles will be too watery and tasteless. So, here are two ways that are way better than that, explained:

1. Sautéing

This method includes drizzling the pan with olive oil, heating it up over medium-high heat, adding pasta to the pan and stirring constantly to avoid burning. The pasta should be done in about five to seven minutes.

2. Roasting

For this way of preparation you will need to spread the vegetable pasta evenly out on a baking sheet and sprinkle with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast for up to 25 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Watch carefully, because the veggies can easily burn. Sometimes it is enough to bake it for about 15 minutes.

Creamy Dreamy Zucchini Pasta Recipe

Finally, we reach the point when you really are going to learn how to make one of the best versions of zucchini pasta. Sure, Bolognese vegetable pasta is great, zucchini noodles with pesto are a green delight, and zucchini ribbon salad is as delicious as it is healthy, but the Creamy, dreamy pasta offers an ideal light meal with many high-fiber ingredients like walnuts, avocado, tomato and, of course, zucchini.

When combined, all of these make a perfectly filling meal, so you don’t even have to observe this as a diet pasta substitute – it is a standalone meal that is very satisfying.

One of the best advantages of this veggie pasta is that it can be prepared in only 20 minutes. This recipe will contain the directions for preparing one portion of the Creamy, dreamy zucchini pasta, and, at the same time serve as an idea for a portable lunch you can take to your work or someplace else.

The ingredients are vegan and gluten-free, so if you are preparing a meal for many guests with different nutritional needs, you can’t go wrong with this.


● 1 large zucchini (or three small zucchini)
● ½ avocado
● 1 roma tomato
● 1 clove garlic, chopped
● 2 tablespoons chopped parsley
● 1 teaspoon olive oil
● 2 teaspoon lime juice
● 1 tablespoon chopped walnuts
● 1 teaspoon dried basil
● 5 tablespoon water


1. Use a spiralizer to shape zucchinis like spaghetti or noodles. You can also do it with a knife, but it will take more time and effort.
2. If you prefer softer noodles, you can boil them for a minute or two and add the water from boiling to the sauce. You can also use the noodles raw in this recipe. If you are not boiling the zucchini, you can use fresh water in the sauce instead.
3. Put the noodles in a medium-sized bowl.
4. Chop the roma tomato and add to the noodles-
5. Add the walnuts, avocado, basil, garlic, parsley, garlic, lime juice and water to the blender and blend until smooth.
6. Pour the sauce you’ve prepared on top of the pasta and roma tomato. Mix the sauce with the pasta, until it is evenly distributed. To make the most thorough combination, work the sauce through it with your hands.
7. You can serve your zucchini pasta immediately, but you can also refrigerate it and serve cold later in the day or the next day.

Final Word

This recipe is perfect not only for pasta lovers who are in rehab from carbs but also for all of you who are passionate about veggie meals that are rich in texture and flavors. Also, if you love the dishes that can be prepared with minimum effort and in no time, you’ll guess – this one is for you.
So don’t wait a minute longer to try out this recipe, and, of course, let us know how it looked.