How Long Do Tortillas Last? Awesome Tips And More

The tortilla is a Spanish word that means "torta" or little cake. Tortillas, usually grilled on the stove top, is made of either flour or corn, salt, and oil. This heavenly food is becoming more and more popular throughout the world, most especially in the last few years.

It would be nice to know, though, how long do tortillas last? We all know when food isn't properly stored, shelf life gets shorter than what’s indicated on their "best by" date.

how long do tortillas last

As with all food products available in the market, tortillas usually last for a week after the "best by" date on the packaging and even longer, for at least a month, if stored in the refrigerator. Some food products, such as tortillas, can last longer, not only with how they are stored but also because of the method used in how they're processed, or a combination of both.

Expect tortillas placed in cooler locations to last longer than tortillas left in room temperature. Other factors such as handling and humidity affect its quality.

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How Do You Know If Tortillas Have Gone Spoiled?

how long do tortillas last

Normally, you'll know when tortillas are spoiled if you see blotches or spots of molds on them. Sometimes, it's also best to check the smell of the food product. Don't consume it if you see any discoloration or if the food smells weird. Always use your best judgment! Freshly opened tortillas have the following characteristics:

1. They're pliable. The older they get, the stiffer they become.

2. No molds or unusual spots on the surface

3. The taste should that be of sweet fresh corn.

If your pack of tortillas does not match any of the above, throw the package away. Eating spoiled or nearly spoiled food poses serious risks to your health. Remember to consume food that is safe at all times, no matter how badly you crave for them!

How Do You Properly Store Tortillas?

how long do tortillas last

So, how long do tortillas last? It depends on several factors. When stored correctly, it can exceed the period indicated on their "best before" dates. The best thing you can do is to store it properly so you can extend its shelf life and use it for a longer time. Proper storage of food not only saves you huge amounts of money but also lets you enjoy your food for as much as you want!


Store In A Cool Dry Place

Tortillas, as with any food packages, must be stored in a dry, cool place to minimize the risks of contamination or accumulation of mold. Most food becomes susceptible to molds and bacteria because of erratic temperature changes.

You would notice that when people “clean” or defrost their refrigerators, the food tends to spoil fast. This happens because temperature changes are a trigger for bacteria to develop.


Air-Tight Packaging To Preserve Freshness

It's also best practice to always store your tortillas in an air-tight packaging to maintain its freshness. Air, as with temperature changes, also reacts with the food product that causes bacteria to develop.

Not only can it do that, but the contaminants in the air, as with other factors, cause faster deterioration of your food. Always ensure that the food packaging is tightly sealed and stored in an environment where the temperature is stable.


3.Refrigerate Homemade Tortillas!

If you're planning to make tortillas at home, store them in the refrigerator which is below 4°C after it's prepared and after use. Why is this necessary? Well, you want the crunch, right? If you leave your homemade tortillas sitting out, without the right room temperature, they will lose their freshness and crunch.


4.Keep It The Way You Found It

If it was stored in a fridge in the grocery, refrigerate it too as soon as you get home. A change in temperature will cause the bag to sweat which can cause your tortillas to spoil faster. The presence of moisture can quickly lead to growth of molds.

Also, try to check the bag thoroughly to make sure it's tightly sealed. Remember that once it’s been exposed to air, shelf life gets shortened dramatically.

Trust Your Instincts!

how long do tortillas last

No matter what the best by date says, if you think there’s something not quite right with how your tortillas look, feel, taste or smell, don’t eat it! You really don’t want to save a few dollars and risk ending up with food poisoning. Trust your instincts. If you think they're still in great condition and can still be eaten, do so with caution, but don’t if it’s your first time to eat it!

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