How To Choose an Oven for your Kitchen

A new oven that has the latest amenities and features is not something that just a gourmet chef would want. The truth is that many people usually watch cooking shows for entertainment purposes. Whether you actually make the dishes features on those shows is completely secondary.

The idea is that if you wanted to prepare certain recipes, say for Valentine’s Day or poker night, or even around the holidays, you would conquer it, but only if you have the proper tools. A slick range and oven setup screams that you are a serious cook to be reckoned with.

Let’s look at 5 features you should look for when it comes to oven buying. You will find that some are old favorites while others might just surprise you. The competitive cooking world has had a significant impact on the number of gourmet features available. When you finish reading through this list we compiled with the help of this article on, you might actually find yourself rushing out to buy a new range whether it is something you actually need or not.

Dual Oven

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to cook two dishes in the same oven at the same time? You probably have and tried finding a compromise oven temperature setting that actually worked for both dishes. Unfortunately, such kind of baking will almost always lead to disaster, which is why some of the latest ranges in the market have double ovens.

One oven is large enough to accommodate a turkey or Sunday roast, while the other is a bit smaller in size. The smaller oven can be used for things such as pies, appetizers, cupcakes, and casseroles. Each oven has its own set of temperature controls thus ensuring more efficient meal preparation and less stress for you.

To heat up the dual oven setup quickly, you don’t need to spend excess energy to warm up the bigger oven or even overheating your kitchen on a hot day. All you need to do is use the smaller one. It is the energy smart option.


Convection heating is something that you probably already know about. Rather than using radiant heat like a traditional oven does, convection cooking involves circulating the hot air in the oven using a fan for quicker and more even distribution of heat thus saving you time and money.

Cooking equipment that uses convection heating is not new, but it is still worth mentioning since it can help solve a key dilemma in baking: You are just about to put something in your hot oven and quickly discover that the racks are not properly adjusted. This leads to a mad dash for the oven mitt, an emergency adjustment of the rack, and the inevitable drop in the oven temperature when the heat escapes while you were getting the oven in order.

The great thing about convection heating is that it ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven, so rack placement is no longer a major issue. Better still, you will no longer have to worry about burn barks on your wrists.

Trivection is the triple threat when it comes to oven engineering: it uses convection, thermal heating, and microwaves in one unit to bake food faster while using less energy. While it might still be regarded as a novelty in electric oven design, it might be standard in the future.

Sabbath Mode

It might sound like some sort of religious ritual but nothing could be further from the truth. If an oven has a Sabbath Mode, it means that it has a “hold” feature for keeping food warm for extended periods of time.

It is like the red lamps you often see in restaurants that keep dishes toasty until they are served. If you need to hold dinner because your partner is working late, Sabbath Mode is an excellent feature that will save you a lot of hassles and ruined dishes.

Glass Doors

Seeing your food while it cooks without the need to open the oven door might sound like a small thing, but it isn’t. If this amenity is included in your oven, you will save money on wasted energy since you will be peeking less and allowing hot air to escape from the oven.

All you need to do is look through the conveniently placed glass window and you can see how your dish is doing. It might actually save you believing that the crust on a pie you are baking is golden brown while it is actually black in color.

If you have previously had a glass door oven and thought it looked dirty in spite of your best efforts to clean it, innovations in glass door design and glass manufacture are helping to eliminate problems with clouding and stubbornness, baked on grease. Glass cleaners designed for the new generation of glass stove tops are also helping cut on grease and grime too.

Delayed Start Features and Timer

It is definitely an impressive fallback feature. If you have ever set your oven timer, turned on your vacuum, the water, or even the TV, only to miss the buzzing long enough for your dish to incinerate, you will definitely appreciate the value of an oven that automatically shuts itself off once the programmed cooking time lapses.

Delayed start can also be a wonderful feature to have in an oven. For instance, if you would like your meatloaf mixed and ready to go before taking a nice relaxing bath but don’t want to start the cook cycle for about 1 hour or so, you have the option to delay the oven start until a time that’s more convenient for you.

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