How to Choose the Best Convection Toaster Oven

Why a Convection / convection toaster oven? Many people just don’t really realise how many advantages a convection/convection toaster oven has. But, once you read about them, it can make you rethink your ordinary toaster oven. With a regular oven, you basically have to move stuff around with it whilst cooking and with a convection/convection toaster oven, you get more power to the top, which helps to improve the heat from top to bottom. This helps your toasting to be quicker and better.

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Convection fan ovens also work extremely well in a dry or hard core climate as they tend to help distribute heat more evenly throughout the food. This is the perfect appliance to have if you want to bake toast or similar dry items. There are two types of toaster oven available, the first having a fan and the second being non-fan, the difference between the two being that the non-fan is better for larger batches and cooking.

You have to make sure the toaster you buy suits your cooking needs. A fan toaster oven will be better for larger toasting jobs but, unless you want to make sure the food is cooked thoroughly, then go for the big sized fans. For average toasting, you should ideally choose the toasters which have a tray that locks in the bread or other ingredients. This is the best way to ensure the food is properly cooked and isn’t left to drop down onto the heating element. The tray also allows you to use your hands to make sure the bread is fully baked and you won’t need to constantly lift and turn the bread.

The second important factor is whether to get an electric or gas oven. An electric oven works better for baking smaller toasts where you want to be able to keep close control over the heating elements. However, the gas models work better for larger quantities as they have a bigger heating element and higher heats. They also cook evenly and faster.

The best toaster ovens don’t come cheap. The price can range from hundreds of pounds for the smallest unit to hundreds of dollars for the biggest. There are cheaper toaster ovens out there but I wouldn’t recommend buying any of these as they are not built to last and the quality is very poor. Don’t let this put you off though, there are cheaper models out there.

The next thing you should look at is how many people will be using the ovens. The amount of toast you can prepare depends on the number of ovens you have. If you have large numbers of people, you could end up spending a small fortune on buying several different convection ovens which will be useless for everyone. The best ovens allow you to cook a single meal quickly and without fuss.

You should also take a look at how easy it is to use the ovens. Some of the newer models are easy to clean, their heat settings can be adjusted and their temperature controls are clearly displayed. Older ovens were more difficult to use and may take a while for them to warm up; plus they had a habit of getting too hot in areas that aren’t used a lot, such as the breakfast nook.

My final consideration when purchasing the best convection ovens was how easy they were to use and if they were as quick to bake my favourite baked items as they were when I used my standard oven. In my experience the best ovens were not only easy to use but also produced freshly baked breads and pastas with a superb browning and crisp texture. Not only that but they also baked a perfectly cooked chicken in less than half the time it would have taken if I used a conventional oven.

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