How to Choose the Best Kitchen Trash Cans

Have you ever wondered which is the best kitchen trash can? Many people swear by different types of can, but which is the best one for your needs? In general, it depends on the size of your kitchen and the amount of trash you tend to accumulate there. You’ll also need to consider what kind of garbage you tend to accumulate in the first place. For example, cans that are meant for plastic, glass, paper, or aluminum aren’t usually the best choice for food.

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I’ve tested over 20 different kitchen trash cans over the past year and believe the Simplehuman Stainless Steel Can be the best option for many home kitchens. It makes disposing trash easy, replacing individual bags with a snap, eliminating bags, and even cleaning up a breeze. The 10 gallon Simplehuman Stainless Steel Can make covering, moving, and removing regular trash easier than ever with no hassle thanks to its universal seal.

For even more convenience, the ten gallon Simplehuman 45L Rectangle and Simplehuman 40L Slim Square both come with a built-in deodorizer sensor. That means no more bending over to find that perfect tool that never seems to appear when you’re rolling trash out. The SmartEyes deodorizer sensor is also a great perk. No more stepping over cans to search for the can opener. With a built-in, rechargeable battery, you can take your SmartEyes with you anywhere.

We touched on this briefly in the last paragraph, but it’s important to mention it again: The 10-ounce capacity of these garbage cans make them great for moving around with. Just remember: You’ll have to move around to get your food trays and trash cans to every location, or you could end up using one of these smaller, less powerful foot pedal canisters. For less than twice the price of the larger Simplehuman trash cans, the ten pound foot pedal canisters are a great way to clean out corners. You’ll find that you can get to the bottom faster with the foot pedal variety as well, without getting stuck or having to bend down.

If you’re worried about space in general and don’t like being limited by how many cans you can put out at once, you might want to consider touch-top cans. In contrast to standard (and larger) trash cans, touch-top bins allow you to put more items inside an easily accessed touch hole. These bins can either be easily taken apart or have a handle on the top that you can pull out to access the contents. I recommend getting a set of these as a backup to standard bins as you never know when you may need to grab more items from underneath, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of trash and debris. The handle is handy, as it lets you easily reach the top.

A final consideration is whether to get an in-cabinet, push-can, pull-out, or biodegradable kitchen trash can. In the cabinet category, there’s a few solid options. Biodegradable, of course, works best outside and will degrade over time, while the push models should work indoors and be easily taken out and recycled. A third option in the cabinet category would be a plastic bin, which can look nice inside or out. Pull-out and touch-top varieties are great in cabinets, but they’re not versatile and often take up a lot of counter space.

Out on the floor, you have the traditional push can or cupboard trash can. Although these work great for larger items, there are some drawbacks to the cupboard model. Not only does it take up counter space, it’s also difficult to reach the top, since most cupboard doors are made of plastic. The plastic itself isn’t all that biodegradable, so you’ll have to put a lid on it if you want to reuse it. Push cans are great for getting things up off the ground, but cupboard doors tend to be better in this area.

When choosing between the different options, you also need to think about convenience. If you need to open a can quickly, you should look at whether you need a quick release lid, a side pull handle, or a foot pedal. A side pull handle allows you to pull the can close quickly, without needing a foot pedal. A foot pedal offers a lot of convenience, as well as helping you open cans without lifting the lid.

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