How to Correctly Use Smoker Box on a Gas Grill

The smoker box will make your gas grill into a momentary smoker. You can use this smoker box to hold wood chips. You can place this box over the burner in order to generate a smoke-flavored food.

A lot of us consider gas as a more convenient and faster way of backyard grilling or cooking, but every year, people purchase more gas grills than charcoal BBQs.

On the other hand, you can obtain near the tastes of charcoal-grilled meals utilizing a gas grill through grilling in an atmosphere of wood-smoke. As mentioned in My Grill World, the smoke permeates the meat being cooked and offers it’s produced using the best wood to boost its taste.

On the other hand, gas is not made to utilize wood or deal with the ash that wood generates. On the other hand, it’s likely to get around this issue with the use of a gas smoker box. Lots of gas grills available comes with one of these supplied; however, if the grill you purchase doesn’t have one, you must be able to get hold of one in any accessory store near your place.

How a Grill Smoker Box Works

The concept behind this smoker box is that wood chips in the box smokes during grilling rather than burning. The smoker box is installed on the gas grate next to the meat being cooked, and as stated above, the smoke generated gets into the meat and imparts an extremely distinctive flavor. With the use of different kinds of wood chips, it is likely to make many different and exciting flavors and tastes.

How to Use a Smoker Box for a Gas Grill

When grilling, times almost always longer due to low temperature or heat. The longer your barbecuing time means more chances for the smoke to work the magic on the food you eat.

Therefore, if you have selected a right barbecue recipe and chose to utilize a smoker box, you have to follow the steps below in order to obtain the best and amazing results.

Soak Wood Chips in Water

To begin with, you may not have a good idea of what array of wood chips to utilize. You will find that a lot of grilling recipes may suggest this; however, it is highly recommended to try with an array of diverse kinds of wood chips to get ones you want and like. Somebody’ else ideas on a good taste may be no similar to yours.

Submerge the wood chips in water. There are some that utilize a mixture of beer, spirits, and water in order to obtain diverse flavors for two hours or more. The soaking process generates wood chips that will smolder instead of bursting into flames. As they burn or smoke, they generate smoke, and any wood ash generated by the blazing wood will keep in the smoker box. It wouldn’t fall on the gas burners of the gas grill.

Drain the water prior to putting them in the smoker box. If you have selected a barbecue or grill recipe that has a long cooking period, you need to ensure that you submerged enough wood chips to refill or top of the smoker box during grilling and barbecuing.

Get the Grill to the Appropriate Temperature

As stated above, for the grilling recipe, you will be cooking meat at a low heat than you utilize for grilling, as well as cooking for longer. The typical temperature is about 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and this level of temperature must be sustained during the time of grilling that may last many hours. It is best to utilize a thermometer to keep monitoring the temperature. On the other hand, if you have not got on a gas grill, you can test the temperature by holding your hand approximately 4 inches above the gas burner. You can stay there for ten to fifteen seconds. It would help if you compared this with typical grilling temperatures of 450 to 650 degrees. Once you utilize a similar test, you can stand the heat for a few seconds.

Put the Smoker Box and Food on the Gas Grill

If you are barbecuing is up to temperature, you are set to begin. Put the box on one corner of the grate of your gas grill. There are some that place the smoker box between the grate and the burner. On the other hand, if you carry this out, you can’t top up the wood chips afterward.

A lot of wood chips take ten to twenty minutes to begin smoking. The time will differ; it all depends on whether the wood chips were submerged in the water as well as how this smoker box gets.

Track the Development of Cooking

If you utilize your grill for cooking ribs, hamburgers, steaks, and other thin slices of fish and meat, there are some simple methods for checking if the meat is cooked. The simple and straightforward is to use a sharp knife to slice, part, as well as a peek at the food, for bigger meat joints that you will be utilizing a meat thermometer to try if the meat has been cooked or barbecued sufficiently 128 Fahrenheit for rare as well as 160 Fahrenheit for well done.

Make sure to keep the grill lid closed if you are barbecuing to make sure that the smoke gathers under the cover and has lots of chances to permeate your meat or food.

In case you are barbecuing for a long span of time. A large joint of meat might need between four to six hours or more; add lots of wood chips if the grill smoker box stops generating its smoke.

Picking the Best  and Most Appropriate Wood Chips for Grilling

By far, the most widespread and common smoking varieties of wood utilized in a smoker box are hickory and hardwood mesquite. Processed woods and softwoods must never be used for smoking. The smoke the woods generate does not provide nice and tasty flavors. So, you better watch out for this.

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