How To pronounces Sur La Table

Kapow decided to learn how to pronounce Sur La Table and the rest is history. This award winning restaurant in Ottawa is offering dinner lessons to new and returning customers for dinner on May 5th from 7pm to prepare you for the Americanized style of cooking that is now becoming the norm. After their success in the past with such things as the Baked Beans Festival in partnership with the White House, they are now adding an American experience to their menu with Sur La Table.

The chef/owner, Patricia Dickson, studied two languages (Spanish and French) when she was growing up in Canada. This experience translated into her being a great communicator both in her restaurant and in person. Her English isn’t perfect but it’s close. She has taken that Canadian spirit of friendly hospitality that has been present since day one and made it into her La Tables offerings. Now, she hopes to impart this knowledge to her new customers in the hopes of creating a sense of community among them and building a loyal customer base that will become a loyal patron of this fine dining restaurant.

Sur La Table offers four themed nights of meals that combine the flavors of Texas with the classic Canadian appeal of a country kitchen. The first is the Shop ‘n’ Shop special menu that features items like’shrimp gumbo, crab cakes and smoked trout. The second is the ‘Kitchener’ themed menu that includes dishes like clam chowder, lobster bisque and fish and chips. The third is the ‘Fireside’ menu that features sandwiches like grilled salmon, lamb and steak. The final installment is the ‘Savour’ menu which features dishes such as sourdough pastrami, handmade vegetable dumplings and beef tartare. The chef also introduces the ‘Hands-On’ training series where the diner is challenged to use a variety of instruments and utensils and make their favourite dishes.

The atmosphere of How to Pronounce Sur La Table is very enchanting with a rustic natural wood colour that blends nicely with the wooden tables and chairs. The interior is also very cozy and traditional with wood accents. There is also a gift shop for your needs including wine, beer andocolates. The ambiance makes you feel right at home. The menu is also rich with flavoursome ingredients that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

The unique selling point of How to Pronounce Sur La Table is the friendly service of the wait staff and the warm smiles that accompany you as you order your food. They are all friendly and quick to answer your questions about the various dishes and help you make your selection. They also take the time to chat with you and ask how things are going and if you would like something to drink. The wait staff is always ready to accommodate your requests and ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime by experiencing a taste of this exquisite French cuisine.

The favourable customer reviews are well worth reading. One customer said ‘The staff were extremely helpful and attentive, making me feel relaxed and happy. Everything was delicious and the prices were great as well’. Another customer ‘It was a wonderful experience dining at this restaurant. Everything was delicious and the service was excellent.’

With so many dishes to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones you will enjoy most. But don’t worry because the chef will take care of that for you. For starters you can try the delectable ‘crab cake’. This is made using crab meat, cream and eggs and is served with a red sauce. It is definitely a meal to savour.

If you want to indulge in a different kind of meal, there is a wide range of non-vegetarian dishes to choose from. Some of these are ‘caramel corn soup with caramelized almond sauce’, ‘chicken tar deposited with crispy mushrooms’ and ‘roasted herb mushroom fondue’. You can also opt for ‘lemongrass soup with crispy rice’ and ‘roasted vegetable with mushroom sauce’. There are lots more on offer and each one will satisfy your palate.

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