What Can Be A Good Pomegranate Juice Machine? Find Out Here

Do you like to make a glass of pomegranate juice but don’t know what type of juicer to use? Then you’re lucky as I’ll try to answer this question below. The best pomegranate juice machine should work efficiently with seedy fruits, like pomegranate and produce the highest yield.

After learning how beneficial pomegranate juice to our health is, I got interested in learning more about it. One of the challenges in making a pomegranate juice is to find a juice machine that can extract as much juice as possible. If you want to learn more about pomegranate juice and the juice machine that you should use, continue reading below.

Types of Juicers

A juicer is an appliance used to extract the juice from vegetables and fruits. There are many types of juicers on the market but what you can usually find are the masticating and centrifugal juicers. What sets these two juicers apart are their operation and yield.

​Centrifugal Juicers

A centrifugal juicer works by pulverizing the food into a pulp in a high-speed spinning motion. When fruits or vegetables are shoved on top of this juicer, they get into a mesh chamber where its teeth pulverize the food into pulp. Through a high-speed spinning motion, the juice is extracted which flows through a spigot.

Masticating Juicers

A masticating juicer extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables at a low speed. It features a single gear which crunches the food into pulp, extracting more juice as a result. Although this can be more expensive than centrifugal, this is more durable.

What Can Be A Better Pomegranate Juice Machine?

Between the two types of juicers, the masticating juicer is a better pomegranate juice machine because it produces the best juice results. According to Just Juice, the crunching process of masticating juicers is a perfect method to generate a high juice yield because the hard walls of fresh fruits are broken down effectively.

The masticating juicer offers more nutrients than the centrifugal as it significantly decreases the levels of oxidation that happens during the juicing method. Also, the pomegranate juice may taste better. Since this juicer crunches the food very well, you get a very dry pulp.

Preparing Your Pomegranate To Juice


To make a pomegranate juice, make sure that the fruits that you’ll be using are fresh. A fresh pomegranate should be heavy with blemish-free skins. You can store the rest of the fruits in a dark, cool area up to 30 days or you can refrigerate them up to 60 days.

To prepare your pomegranates for juicing, break it open by scoring along the ridge. What it means is you cut through the skin, not the seeds in it. You can see how this done properly in this video here.

Above a bowl of water, gently break the fruit in sections. Next, place the fruit section in the water and loosen the seeds carefully. You might notice that the seeds sink to the bottom.

To remove the water, drain it out through a sieve. What remains will be the seeds on the sieve ready to be juiced. You can refrigerate the rest in an airtight container for a couple of days or freeze them longer in a freezer bag.

How To Extract The Pomegranate Juice


If you use a centrifugal juicer, like this one, you can make a pomegranate juice by throwing the whole fruit into the chamber. Make sure that you wash the fruit thoroughly so you don’t impart any bacteria into the juice. If you’re not a fan of the taste of the red peel, you can take it off.

To make a pomegranate juice using a masticating juicer, just like this one, just place the seeds and pith into the hopper on top. The juicer will separate the juice from the fruit and releases the dry pulp on the other tube.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice


You should consider getting a pomegranate juice machine because drinking this juice offers a lot of health benefits. Dr. Fuhrman lists several health benefits below.

  • Contains anti-inflammatory effects that may shield you from serious diseases, like cancer.
  • The anti-angiogenic properties of pomegranates help inhibit the growth of tumors.
  • Contains natural aromatase inhibitors which can help decrease the risk of breast cancer by preventing the generation of estrogen.

Try Making Some Pomegranate Juice Now!

If you want to extract more juice and absorb more nutrients, then you need to consider getting a masticating juicer. Unlike the centrifugal juicer, the masticating juicer extracts juice slowly to crunch the pulp for more juice as possible. Making a pomegranate juice with this juicer is pretty simple, too.

  • Score the pomegranate along the ridge.
  • Open the fruit and remove the seeds into a bowl of water.
  • Drain the water and place the seeds into the juicer.

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