Tips on Choosing the Best Water Purifier For Your Home

Finding the best water pitcher filter doesn’t have to be a hard task. If you are like me, you want to make sure that your drinking water is clean and pure. With so many contaminants in our water systems today, it is important to make sure we are taking every step necessary to remove any harmful substances that may be present.

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There are many contaminants in our drinking water, and more scientists are coming to understand just how unhealthy it can be. The best water pitcher filter will remove as many contaminants as possible. Some experts are now saying that water today may not be safe enough to drink. Most experts agree that removing all the harmful heavy metals from our drinking liquid would be the best way to ensure that we are getting the safest water possible. Heavy metals are known to cause cancer, while other heavy metals are known to cause cardiovascular disease.

Of all the heavy metals, what is considered the worst culprits is lead. It is believed that every home in America contains some level of lead. Lead can be found in many places including plumbing pipes and old electric wires. To remove lead from your drinking liquid is not an easy feat. You would need to use an advanced filtration system that could remove up to 99% of the lead that could potentially contaminate your drink.

If you are looking for a water purification system for your home, you may be wondering which type of pitcher to get. First, there is the pitcher with the carbon block, but it does nothing to remove tds. TDS or trihalomethanes are byproducts of chemical disinfection. In fact, many health experts agree that excessive exposure to common chemical disinfectants is harmful to our bodies. Carbon-based pitchers will not remove tds, only those particles that are smaller than a micron.

Water filter pitchers are advertised as being able to remove all of the major contaminants found in tap water. However, there are still some impurities that cannot be removed by a filter. Impurities like pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and radon can get through a filtration system. In order to provide you with safe, clean water, you will want to find a unit that includes a micron filter.

The best water filter pitcher will include both a carbon-based and a ceramic filter. The carbon-based filters trap chlorine, but it does nothing to trap other chemicals like herbicides. The ceramic filtration does a great job of removing the trace minerals like calcium and magnesium that are naturally found in water. However, these minerals are also affected by impurities like lead.

If you want to buy a pitcher that will remove all of the impurities in your tap, you should consider purchasing one that has an ion-exchange filter. These types of pitchers use an electrostatic charge to attract and trap impurities like lead and copper. Ion exchange pitchers have been found to remove more than 99% of the many contaminants found in tap water.

The best water filters for your home are not going to cost you an arm and a leg. You will want to find a unit that is affordable, durable, and offers great customer service. It is important that you choose a good quality pitcher so that you do not have to replace it every few months. A good quality filtration system should last between two and five years. If you are looking for a good quality pitcher that has an affordable price tag, look for a filter that includes a compact disk or ion exchange.

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