Rise And Shine With The Top 5 Strongest Coffee Blends Of All Time

Rise And Shine With The Top 5 Strongest Coffee Blends Of All Time

“I am a coffee addict,” you can hear this sentence quite often, and it usually leads to “I can drink coffee all day long.” Well, the next time you hear someone utter, those words challenge them to try one of the world’s top 5 strongest coffee blends.

Also, if you’re looking for an express wake up, pop the beans into a single serve coffee maker, brew the beverage and see how you react to it. In case you were looking for an extra energy boost or something to revitalize your coffee drinking experience check out some of the brands presented in this article.


What Makes This Coffee So Strong?

Top 5 strongest coffee

Coffee strength is determined by its caffeine content, meaning the more caffeine, the stronger. While an average cup of coffee (6 oz) contains somewhere between 80 and 120 mg of caffeine, the blends I will talk about today pack well above 200 mg for a single cup. As you can see, the difference is astounding.,

Now, another question that might pop up is which are the factors that impact the caffeine content? There are a few of them, including:

Brewing method –espresso, instant coffee, and drip coffee do not have the same amount of caffeine in the same amount of liquid.

Roasting style – dark roasts contain less caffeine than light roasts.

Coffee beans origin – some types of coffee beans naturally contain more caffeine than others.

Top 5 Strongest Coffee Blends

Top 5 strongest coffee

1. Death Wish Coffee

When a coffee producer offers you a money return if their coffee turns out not to be the strongest you have ever tasted, you know they mean business. Also, the intimidating skull and bones logo imprinted on the package might strike fear in those inexperienced with caffeine.

Deathwish started out as a small company, and they gradually grew to a world known coffee producer. They even advertised during the Super 50 football game.

So how strong is this thing? Well, a 6oz cup of Deathwish packs around 370 mg of caffeine! Compared to the average 100 mg of ‘regular’ coffee, this thing is an energy bomb. Besides the strength, this blend’s taste is also fantastic so you can rest assured that you WILL be able to enjoy a cup.

2. Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard, as the name might imply, is not for the weak-hearted. According to their website, a 12 oz of Biohazard coffee contains a mind-boggling 928 mg of caffeine! Simple math tells us that this equals to 464 mg for a 6 oz cup. This blend is easily THE strongest on today’s list.

An average person shows signs of caffeine overdose after consuming around 400 mg, which means that a single cup would be more than enough to give you the jitters (unless you have an unusually high caffeine tolerance).

If you expected that strong coffee also means strong taste know that is not necessarily the case. Biohazard has a surprisingly bland taste, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t enjoyable.

3. Killer Coffee

As you can see, this is yet another brand with a scary name. However, Killer coffee is not nearly as “killer” as the previous two I mentioned. However, this blend doesn’t promote itself as the most potent or the strongest but instead puts an accent on the flavor.

With 305 mg in a 6 oz cup, Killer coffee is very strong. While its caffeine content isn’t the highest on today’s list, it still packs a serious punch. As far as roasting is concerned, this is a very dark roast with a powerful flavor but without bitterness.

One of the cool complementary features of this brand is their merchandise, such as the grenade-shaped mug, which perfect for the image this brand is trying to sell.

4. Black Insomnia

Black insomnia takes third place in the contest for the world strongest coffee, just behind Biohazard and Death wish. I say behind in terms of strength, not quality. Although it loses the caffeine content “battle,” it’s still no joke.

Hailing to us from South Africa, Black insomnia contains around 350 mg of caffeine in a 6 oz up. This is a lot, so if you are too sensitive to caffeine, this is not an ideal blend for you. I’m not sure what type of beans they use, but it is probably Robusta.

The roast is dark which creates a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, with a hint of bitterness. If I were to compare it, I’d say it is the most similar to a regular espresso roast.

5. Banned Coffee

On the package of the Banned coffee, it says “The World’s STRONGEST coffee.” However, if you’ve read this entire article you know that the statement isn’t true. As a matter of fact, Banned coffee has the lowest caffeine content out of all other contenders on this list!

It packs around 230 mg in a 6 oz cup, which is about double compared to your regular coffee brand, but significantly less than Death wish or Biohazard. Do not underestimate the power of this coffee as it can seriously kick-start you, especially if you don’t handle caffeine very well.

This is a medium-dark roast with a mild flavor with hints of bitterness and sweetness.


Top 5 strongest coffee

As you can see from my article, there is more to coffee than what you’ve been taught. As this drink remains the most popular beverage on Earth new varieties and nuances will keep popping up, and the strong coffee trend is just one of them. I would, however, recommend you to try one of these brands, especially if you have a high caffeine tolerance. If not, stick with the blend that works for you.