What is the Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Kohler Can Recommend?

Looking for the best Moen kitchen faucet can be a little intimidating if you aren’t used to shopping around for kitchen accessories. There are so many options out there! How do you know which faucet is right for you? Which one is going to make your kitchen stand out and improve the style of your kitchen? Here is a look at some of the most popular Moen faucets that are available:

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Limited Lifetime Warranty – One of the best things about Moen faucets is that they offer a limited lifetime warranty against backflow. This is something that a lot of consumers are looking for these days because of all of the pollution and dirt that our tap water comes from. The limited lifetime warranty means that if ever your new faucet breaks or gets damaged in some way, that you can get a brand new one. These are very inexpensive, so it’s definitely worth buying one of these.

Chrome Finish – The Moen Aerated Stream faucet offers a modern chrome finish that offers sophistication and class. It has a two handle design with a separate spray handle for the colder and hot settings. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and comes standard in a 3/8″ diameter finish. It is compatible with all sinks in use today. This is definitely a high end, but most people will never have to worry about rusting or having to replace it.

Single-handled Faucet – The Moen single-handle faucet is a classic. It is part of many kitchen and bathroom sets because of the ease of use it offers. The single-handle faucet will require only one pull on the handle to operate. It has a very long-lasting life span and is easily replaceable. This is a very cost efficient option when compared to other options.

3-Pole Kit – This Moen kitchen faucet has three different finishes that can be found in either an oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, or matte chrome finish. This is a great looking faucet that can easily blend in with any decor in your kitchen. There is a wide variety of different finishes available, including high polished, matte chrome, and oil rubbed bronze. You can choose from three different holes to put the spout into. The spigot is removable and there is a three-way water control that allows you to use water at three different pressures.

Duralock Quick Connect System – This Moen faucet features a unique duralock design. This is one of the best features that this brand has to offer. This allows you the freedom to install a kitchen sink with ease. This is an easy-to-install system that will not damage your sink, countertop, or faucet. It also utilizes a single-action control for a leak-proof seal that is also leak proof.

Duralock Installation System – The duralock installation system is a simple and effective method to getting the best performance from your Moen faucets. It does not require any type of screws or other hardware, and there are no plumbing or electrical connections to worry about. All it takes is one screw to fasten the spout to your sink, countertop, or faucet. Once the spout is installed, there are two more holes that will allow you to install the sprayer, valve, or flow control handle. Once you have everything connected, you are ready to turn on the Moen faucet and get to work.

The Duralock series offers many different options in both style and functionality. There is even a model that comes equipped with a built-in adjustable spray rate. With its ergonomic design and easy installation, this is one of the best pulls out kitchen faucets that you will find. If you are thinking about replacing your current faucet, this is the best pullout kitchen faucet Kohler can recommend for you. Get to enjoy all the benefits of a Moen kitchen faucet at a very affordable price.


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