About Us

Salt of the Earth

Well, I’m one of those people who’d never say no to this.

I’m a coffee addict, drinking this mesmerizing beverage in large quantities since the nineties.

Throughout my college years, caffeine and energy boosters were regular. Studying intensely into the night (usually night right before the exam), feeling hyped and energized in the early “early” morning periods were never possible without coffee.

While the hectic periods of college life are way behind me, my love for coffee has flourished ever since. Be it a tasty and potent espresso, or a pour over which engulfs the whole house in the fantastic aroma; I’m always saying “Hell Yeah!” to a sip of dark brown gold.

Especially when I’m making it myself.

Hi, I’m Collins.


And if you’re on this page, you’re probably a bit like me.

You’re my new friend.

I’m glad you’ve landed on SaltPGH because I get to share my knowledge and communicate with you. We’ll share stories together, learn from each other, and I’ll do my best to format and present my profound knowledge and experience with coffee with you.

During my post-college time, I worked as a coffee assistant and improved to become barista later. Even though coffee is my passion, being in a hectic surrounding with a lot of obligations and chaotic environment is something I despise.

That’s why I’ve moved away from the busy coffee shop, and continued to enjoy life (and coffee) myself.

I am always on the search for new blends, ways to prepare, interesting facts about coffee, and latest tech every barista or coffee aficionado like me would enjoy. That’s why my love for coffee got envisioned into this small project, called SaltPGH.

(There’s a reason the site is named this way, and I’ll explain that later.)

As a coffee enthusiast, you’ll find yourself in various dilemmas and potential adventures. Even a simple walk to the nearest store to grab some groceries might turn into an exploration trip where you’ll find something new and exciting.

Not to mention visiting local breweries & roasters… Oh god, I’m getting goosebumps right now.

I’m the kind of lady that goes across the state to visit SQ1 Coffee Roasters (from Pittsburgh to Lancaster, 238 miles to be exact) just to indulge myself in coffee heaven.

Here on SaltPGH, you’ll be able to learn alongside myself as I discover ways to brew & roast, find the best gear for coffee, and explore some exciting ways to do things with coffee for sure.

Stay well, stay positive, and enjoy this magnificent life with a cup of coffee!