Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands for Cold Brew and French Press

The French Press is a classic coffee brewing technique. It’s also a method that’s simple and not time-consuming. But you can only extract all the deliciousness trapped inside those coffee grounds if you know what are the best coarse ground coffee brands.

When the right coffee and grind size aren’t used, don’t expect any stimulation of the senses. You know the instant energy and mood boost you experience after a cup of automatic drip machine coffee? Well, if you want your French Press coffee to uplift anything within you, then you’ve got to select the most ideal grind size. And also the greatest tasting ground coffee!

If you agree, then the 8 coffee brands I’ve reviewed below are just for you.

Stone Street Coffee Colombian Coarsely Ground Coffee

Stone Street Coffee

This Colombian Supremo coarsely ground coffee is perfect for a delicious cold brew. Since the manufacturer is Stone Street Coffee, worrying about quality makes absolutely no sense.

It’s pre-ground coffee made of only 100% Arabica coffee beans. The roast type is dark and grind size is coarse with low acidity to go easy on the tummy. But this is expected from such a popular and reliable coffee brand.

Instead, what’s not so obvious is just how delightful the flavor is. It’s slightly sweet, smooth, bold, and also well-balanced. So you can expect the slow extraction of your brewing method to bode well with the dark roast and coarse grounds.

What’s inside is certainly something your taste buds haven’t ever savored. In fact, even the outside i.e. the packaging is on-point. The re-sealable bag the ground coffee comes in is equipped with a degassing valve. This helps in retaining the fresh flavor and aroma of the coffee.

So is this Colombian coarsely ground coffee up to the task of preparing a hard-to-resist cold brew right at home? You can rest assured knowing that the answer to that question is YES.


  • The dark roast is smooth, bold, sweet, and well-balanced.
  • It is freshly roasted in small batches to preserve high quality.
  • Acid content is less in comparison to hot coffee.
  • The re-sealable pouch contains a degassing valve for maintaining freshness.


  • The coffee tastes slightly bitter.

Cold Brew Lab Extra Coarse Organic Ground Coffee

Cold Brew Lab Ground Organic Coffee

For a rich and smooth cold brew prepared using organic ground coffee, turn to Cold Brew Lab. Their extra-coarse grind is specifically created to make exactly that kind of beverage. And that too with low acidity, so your stomach lining doesn’t get upset.

Organic, Colombian-sourced Arabica coffee beans are used. The organic part means no pesticides or any other chemicals are involved in the growing, harvesting, or roasting stage. This is Colombian Supremo of specialty-grade that stands tall with its USDA certification.

What’s inside is a blend of both dark and medium roast. And just because the grind size is extra-coarse doesn’t mean the coffee leaves residue in your freshly prepared cold brew. Expect to find zero quantity of that.

Also look forward to a smooth, full-bodied, and well-rounded flavor. This is what Colombian Arabica beans are so great at delivering. Bold and flavorful; the ground coffee is available in the whole bean version as well.

You don’t even have to open the bag to get the delicious whiff of coffee. And you know what, there’s no bitterness to make do with either. It’s a really solid go-to cold brew option for those who like it with milk or just black.


  • The coffee is perfect for slow extraction.
  • It’s non-acidic and smooth.
  • Dark, deep flavor, minus the overpowering bitterness.


  • Bags let in the air after some months.
  • Proper steeping time is as long as 24 hours.

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coarsely Ground Coffee

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

The coarsely ground coffee, when put to use, prepares an extra smooth and consistent cold brew. It’s a blend specially engineered to make delicious cold brew without leaving your home. And it’s organic, which is even better.

To make the brew stronger, remember to add less water. And more water if you prefer weaker strength. But what’s eye-catching here is the organic part. The organic farms located in Nicaragua and Peru are where the beans come from. Needless to say, the coffee has a USDA Organic certification. So there goes your proof.

The flavor options are Light & Bright, Smooth & Sweet, and Dark & Bold. In simple words, light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. All three have an incredibly smooth and slightly sweet finish your taste buds are bound to relish.

The manufacturer, Bizzy has spent many years perfecting their grinding process. So they have managed to create the most optimal coarse ground coffee for the cold brew you just can’t get enough of. You won’t believe it but this flavor tastes even better than the overly bitter Starbucks cold brew.


  • It’s smooth without adding any sweetener.
  • Not acidic and burnt or bitter-tasting.
  • Even when strong, the coffee is sweet and mellow.


  • Small coffee grinds are a part of the prepared drink.

Stone Cold Jo Cold Brew Organic Coffee

Stone Cold Jo Cold Brew

So let me list all the reasons why you, as a cold brew lover, should even consider buying the current coarse ground coffee. Stone Cold Jo is certainly one of the best coarse ground coffee brands. They offer all kinds of certifications, which says a lot about how much quality matters to them. These include USDA Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade.

This version is a dark roast that’s so silky and smooth you won’t believe you prepared the cold brew at home. Low acidity and subtle hints of caramel, chocolate, grape, and toffee are a part of the cupping notes.

What you don’t see is that the company uses 2 percent of the raw Arabica coffee beans that grow throughout the world. On top of that, it’s an artisan, hand-crafted roast. Once the beverage is ready, you don’t feel like adding anything for masking the delicious flavor.

It’s very strong and bold if you follow the instructions printed on the packaging. You don’t even have to worry about dealing with any residues because there are none. Needless to say, Stone Cold Jo is a coffee brand every home-brewer should definitely try.


  • The organic coffee is flavorful, full-bodied, and smooth.
  • It has an incredibly robust aroma.
  • Even though strong, the taste is not bitter.


  • Finding the correct brewing temperature requires some effort.

Best Coarse Ground Coffee For French Press

Illy Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Illy Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Hints of bitterness? Nope, not there. Strong coffee flavor? Yup, lots of it that too. The Illy Dark Roast Ground Coffee is made for your French Press brewer. Arabica coffee beans dark roasted to provide the smoothest and the most well-balanced flavor. This is what awaits when you opt for one of the best coarse ground coffee brands.

And not only French Press, but the ground coffee also works with Drip brewing systems. Illy has subjected the coffee to as many as 114 quality control steps. So your concerns regarding quality, roast, grind size, and even taste should be eliminated completely.

Not many dark roasts out there have the ability to make your morning cup taste so balanced and smooth. Particularly with coarsely ground coffee beans! A rich, clean flavor without any chemical undertones is definitely worth spending your money on.

All you have to do is open the coffee can to invite the delicious aroma into your room and life. So if you wish to combine great aroma and great taste with ground coffee convenience, this one’s worth a shot.


  • The coffee is suitable for Drip and French Press brewing.
  • The flavor is very fresh and tasty.
  • Consistently-sized coarse grinds.


  • A bitter aftertaste should be expected.

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee Blend

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee Blend

Are you hooked on to strong caffeinated coffee? If yes, then you’ll simply love this strongly flavored and intense dark roast ground coffee blend. The coffee beans used are Arabica and Robusta. This combination is what provides the coffee with the full-bodied flavor.

The coarse grind size here works well with the French Press and Drip methods of brewing. And it’s not by fluke that Lavazza ranks among the top contenders. The brand has been a part of the market for more than 120 years. Their aim, still, is to deliver an original Italian experience. And that’s exactly what they do even now after so many years.

The dark roast is rich with an incredibly intense and fragrant aroma. A touch of chocolate and full-bodied essence is a part of every sip you take. It’s the most flavorful, richest, and darkest coffee coarsely ground for your French Press.


  • The aroma is intense.
  • The flavor is rich with a spiced aftertaste.
  • You get a layer of delicious crema every single time.


  • It tastes bitter.
  • High caffeine content.

Primos Coffee Co. French Press Specialty Coffee

Primos Coffee Co

What if I tell you that you’ve found the ultimate French Press brew? Would you believe me? Well, I hope you do, considering just how amazing this French Press Specialty Coarsely Ground Coffee is by Primos Coffee Company.

Medium-roasted, sweet, smooth, and less acidic. The flavor notes also include hints of citrus by the way. And the whole taste remains consistent throughout the cup and the batch. That’s the best part.

It goes without saying that the grind size and flavor are ideal for the cold brewing method of the French Press. You should also know that the coffee beans used are shade-grown. Then harvested manually and naturally dried.

Speaking of shade-grown coffee, fair and sustainable practices are employed. The coffee beans are allowed to develop the taste slowly, thus completely with more aroma. So you know that the manufacturer of this French Press coarse ground coffee is reliable and thoughtful.

Premium, pure Arabica coffee beans produce an easy-drinking, delightful cup of coffee. So if you enjoy a moderately robust and strong flavor, this blend might fit your needs perfectly.


  • Medium-bodied with citrus notes and low acidity.
  • It comes from shade-grown coffee beans.
  • Full-flavored but not bitter or sour.


  • The strength is a bit on the milder side.

Two Volcanoes Ground Coffee - Dark Roast Espresso Blend

Two Volcanoes Ground Coffee

Rich, complex, and deep; you don’t have to be a coffee tasting expert to appreciate this kind of a flavor. This dark roast Espresso blend by Two Volcanoes is coarsely ground coffee. But it’s the inclusion of Robusta and Arabica beans that you might appreciate the most.

During packaging, steps are taken to ensure flavor preservation and freshness. Thanks to the degassing valve.

I don’t need to tell you that the coarse grind size is perfect for your French Press coffee maker. But you might want to know that the freshly prepared brew is very smooth with smoky and woody notes.

What’s not mentioned in the product title is that the coffee is grown organically. You’ll be quite surprised to find out that even organic coffee can taste so rich, complex, and deep. It brews quite a delicious cup and without any bitterness.

Even though it’s an Espresso blend, you can prepare a French Press brew. It’s because the grind size is plenty coarse, and not fine as in the case of Espresso brewing. The dark color and deep flavor are what seem more Espresso-like. Not the grind size of course!

At the beginning and end of every cup, you’ll cherish the pleasant, smooth, and well-balanced flavor. The blend doesn’t even taste burnt or bitter for that matter, despite being a dark roast. And this just goes to show how much thought the brand has put into the taste.

Two Volcanoes coffee is the kind that even coffee snobs like me find the most flavorsome. With a touch of orange, toffee, and cocoa, these coarse grounds might just spoil you for other coffee brands.


  • Packaging includes a degassing valve for freshness.
  • Made for French Press and Drip.
  • It’s organically grown high-quality coffee.


  • Not strong enough.
  • Grind size is uneven.

Why is the Grind Size of Coffee So Important?

Preparing coffee means combining heat, water, and roasted coffee. You think that’s all there is to a cup of freshly brewed, flavorful coffee? If yes, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Great tasting coffee demands the correct temperature for brewing, the correct amount of coffee and water, and the correct extraction time.

The greater part of automatic and manual coffee makers out there takes care of these crucial aspects. But that’s only if we select the right grind size. The coarseness of your ground coffee matters a lot when it comes to preparing the hot beverage in the coffee maker. Particularly the French Press!

The term “coarse” here means nothing but size. A coarse coffee grind contains large coffee bean chunks. On the contrary, a fine grind has a powdery texture. In the case of the former, hot water comes in contact with the exterior of each grind. And then SLOWLY penetrates to reach the coffee grind center.

But what happens with finely ground coffee is hot water doesn’t take too long to penetrate since the grinds don’t have much depth. This means quicker flavor extraction. That explains why coarse ground coffee has such a massive impact on the overall flavor of freshly brewed coffee.

Different Types of Brewing Methods and Grind Size

French Press

For French Press, you obviously require the best coarse ground coffee brands. The French Press method involves soaking coffee grinds for a very long time in the water. So to avoid over-extraction of a finer grind, you have to use its coarser counterpart.

Even when it comes to pushing down that plunger, when the grind size is too fine, the plunging part turns into a struggle.


For AeroPress, the grind size should be medium-fine or fine. This particular technique forces water through the grinds quickly instead of allowing the latter to brew. So for a quick extraction, finer grounds are perfect as they give water the chance to penetrate their molecules.

If, in the case of AeroPress, you use coarse ground coffee, what happens is under-extraction.


An Espresso machine features 9 pressure bars for pulling a single shot. Fine grinds are the most suitable to prepare an extra-strong cup of coffee in a good espresso machine.

What the coffee powerhouse does is forcefully push water through the grinds for 30 seconds. So, at such times, coffee volume ratio, group handle distribution and grind size consistency are vital.

When it’s a very coarse grind, under-extraction is inevitable. As for inconsistency of grind size, both under and over-extraction endanger the same cup.

Drip Coffee

Generally speaking, medium-fine grind size is the best for drip coffee makers. Water doesn’t pass through quickly. But, at the same time, nothing stops the flow from running through.

Keeping that in mind, when the grind is medium-fine, the stream passes through slowly and steadily. This ensures proper extraction, thus preventing over-extraction.

Moka Pot

A Stove Top or Moka Pot coffee maker works flawlessly with fine coffee grinds. Much like the Espresso machine. What the pot does is, first it makes steam from water and then passes this steam through the coffee grinds.

As you might predict, the process is slower than Espresso. Even so, fine grind size is essential. And that’s because the steam extracts and lifts through those grounds. So they have to be just fine enough for allowing water molecules to pass through.

This combination of long extraction and fine grind prepares incredibly strong coffee by the way.

What to Keep In Mind When Using Coarse Ground Coffee for French Press

Water Temperature

What is the ideal French Press extraction temperature? It’s 205-degree Fahrenheit. This is hot enough for leaching out most of the natural oils present in coffee grounds. And that too without causing the bitter side to come out!

Amount of Coffee

For the French Press method, around 3 tablespoons of ground coffee are good for 3 cups. And for 4 cups, about 5 tablespoons.

Obviously, you can tweak these based on your own taste and preferences.

Regular Cleaning of the French Press

Coffee residue tends to destroy everything in terms of flavor and taste. So you have to make it a point to clean your coffee maker after every brewing cycle. And this means getting rid of the old grounds stuck to that mesh filter.

How to Prepare Coarse Ground Coffee in the French Press

  • You start by rinsing the machine with hot water. Include pressing down the plunger and swirling water around. Then drain it all out.
  • It’s time to bring in your favorite ground coffee, the measured amount of course. After adding them, gently shake the French Press for an even distribution of the coffee grounds.
  • Now pour water, half the amount you’ve decided to use. This is when the grounds release the gas, thus producing the wonderful aroma. It’s known as the “bloom” stage.
    Let this happen for about 30 seconds and then proceed to the next step.
  • Stir the whole coffee mixture for at least 10 seconds. You do this to break down the hard ground crusts. And to ensure the grounds blend properly.
  • Now begins the steeping part. Bring in the remaining water and position the coffee maker lid and the plunger. Start the timer and allow your coffee to steep gently for 4 minutes.
  • Just when those 4 minutes are up, coffee extraction starts. For that, you have to push down the plunger completely. Doing so squeezes out all the remaining natural oils. It filters your coffee grounds.

And that’s all. It’s time to now serve what you’ve just prepared.

The Wrap-Up

When you opt for the French Press technique, you’re making customizable coffee that remains true to its original bean flavor. In that case, a coarse grind paves the way for full flavor extraction. My advice to you, choose the best coarse ground coffee brands. Otherwise, opt for grinding those coffee beans on your own (2).

It’s no coincidence that a coarse grind size is the most suitable for French Press. All it takes is a single glance at the oily texture of coarse ground coffee to realize just how richly flavored they are.

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