Does Nitro Cold Brew Have More Caffeine Content in It?

It was the year 2016 when a wave of popularity began to really pop up of this amazing Starbuck served coffee beverage. The name Nitro coffee comes from the fact that this delicious liquid basically uses a nitrogen-infused technique. Nowadays, you can get a cup from your local cafe or even the convenient grocery shops.

Some however prefer to make it in their home, which is very much possible as well. Don’t forget to check the CoffeeTasse reviews on some of the finest nitro cold brew coffee makers right here that can help you with making a cup at home easily.

Now, does nitro cold brew have higher caffeine content that adds up some sort of benefits than regular brew? Well, that’s what we are trying to find out today.

Yes, it does! With a cup of nitro cold brew, you are feeding yourself more caffeine content when compared to the regular one. However, if you are wondering about the high caffeine content having any connection with nitrogen, there’s nothing like that.

The typical way to make nitro cold brew involves strong coffee. So that it can have a darker look. Plus, the flavor profile becomes even prominent. And that is why the caffeine content is rich in each cup.

So that also means, the way you make your nitro cold brew will determine its caffein content. Someone who has a good idea of influencing factors over caffeine level will be able to make the nitro cold brew weaker or stronger basically.

And that is why different coffee shops will have varying tastes for nitro cold brew. As there will be a different barista each time who maintains a certain level of caffeine. It depends also on location as well as the taste of head baristas. Each batch and serving will always vary a bit.

It Also Depends on The Coffee Beans.

Another very impactful factor is the type of coffee beans you use to make nitro cold brew. Usually, baristas go for Robusta beans. This one has more caffeine content compared to the Arabica beans.

However, each batch of beans will have a different quantity of caffeine content. As each strain is distinct. Also, there are years when stronger coffee crops get produced than others.

Some people think that maybe roasting can change the caffeine content. However, with the changing color from a roast, there’s actually less to do with caffeine content. The beans will have the same amount before and after roasting.

However, one tip does work with roasting. With the dark roasted beans, there’s usually very little weight to it. And this is because there’s less water in it. So, basically, compared to lightly roasted beans, there’s less water and more caffeine to work with. That can help one enrich the caffeine impact in brew, and so some prefer to go for dark roasted beans.

But then again, this is the fact when you consider from a perspective of measuring by weight. In terms of measuring by volume, the light roast has more beans. So, there should be more caffeine in it. Once again, it comes down to using more coffee beans to enrich the caffeine taste.

Using Arabica beans for Nitro cold brew basically gets you a very smooth flavor profile. But then, the expected caffeine flavor can be a bit less. And this is why baristas usually prefer the Robusta beans. A strong batch of this type can give you a fabulous version of nitro cold brew.

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Planning To Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home?

If you have already fallen in love with the taste of a refreshing nitro cold brew, then maybe investing to easily make a cup at home isn’t a bad idea at all. You can definitely find some very good quality nitro cold brew machines out there.

With a machine at your home, you’ll be able to save money and still get to enjoy the same café-like flavor. You can simply make a huge batch and store it in your fridge for a good 14-15 days.

Wrap Up

Now you know about the nitro cold brew caffeine content. The thicker consistency definitely shows why there’s so much hype on cold-brewed nitro coffee. Those who prefer a less acidic flavor will also love it.

By the way, don’t ever think about adding a shot of espresso to this beverage. Because then there will be bubbles to basically ruin the taste. The signature cold brew nitrogen-infused taste, you don’t want to lose that by following weird recipes. Try to stick with the basic, regular method of making a cup and you won’t regret it.

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