Is Dextrose Bad For You? What You Should Know

We have all heard of a dextrose at some point or other in our lives. You have either had one placed on you, intravenously, or you have heard of someone needing one.

While we all know how dextrose can be used to alleviate signs of dehydration and replenish lost nutrients during illnesses or accidents, you will see some of your foods and ingredients indicate that it contains dextrose.

Because of our normal and typical perception of dextrose, it is normal to wonder whether or not is dextrose bad for you. Read on to learn more.



I used to believe that dextrose is a combination of sugar and salt components, and can be made at home for a homemade IV. Fortunately, I have never actually had the chance to test out this assumption, lest to say I kill someone with it.

Dextrose, in fact can occur naturally from certain foods like honey. It is a simple sugar and may also be known as glucose, while some may refer to it as corn sugar.

Usage of Dextrose:


There are many ways to use a dextrose. Because it is a simple sugar, intake of it means that the body can utilize it almost right away. It is for this reason that dextrose has also been coined as a “blood sugar.” There many ways to benefit from dextrose and here are just some of them:

1. As an IV Fluid

Dextrose is popularly known as an IV fluid, commonly used for patients who are incapable of drinking enough fluids, and even when additional fluids are required in the body.

Certain medicines are also injected into the dextrose, since intravenous injections are often one of the fastest ways to get medicine and other nutrients into the body, since they are attached to veins and goes straight into the blood stream.

2. Rehydration drinks

Sports drinks, vitamin drinks, and energy drinks are very popular nowadays. Quite a good number of which contains dextrose in the form of glucose. It is especially helpful for people who needs to pack light, or does not have the luxury of drinking too much fluid.

This is especially the case when you don’t have the luxury of a bathroom to relieve your bladder frequently but are partaking in an activity that entails a lot of sweating. Drinks containing dextrose can replenish the nutrients you release by sweating.

Often, this is also very useful for people who are suffering from diarrhea to prevent them from getting dehydrated.

3. As a Cooking Ingredient

Since glucose and dextrose have the same, basically identical composition, the way they are used are also very similar. While it is more to use glucose for certain recipes, using a dextrose will give you practically the same results.

I have mentioned earlier that dextrose may be found in honey, but it can also be obtained from certain plants. A good example of which is the corn glucose found in corn, which is in fact, a form of dextrose.

When Is Dextrose Bad For You?

While dextrose is usually beneficial for most people, there are those who cannot benefit from them. Here are some of them.

1. People suffering from hypoglycemia.


Hypoglycemia is a disease wherein a patient is suffering from a chronic, low-blood sugar. While these patients may sometimes carry dextrose medications in the form of capsules or tablets, especially when experiencing an extremely low sugar level which can boost up their sugar very quickly, it is not advisable for them to eat food containing any form of sugar, even dextrose.

2. People who are diabetic.


People who are diabetic also needs to watch their sugar very carefully. While dextrose tablets may also be used to provide immediate relief for them, eating other foods containing dextrose should be watched very carefully. Unmoderated amounts of sugar intake, including dextrose, is very crucial for these people.

3. People Suffering from Kidney problems.


People suffering from kidney problems often crave sweet foods. While sugar is generally something they should be careful with, dextrose sugars will be a better option over fructose ones. However, intake of dextrose and other form of sugar must be monitored carefully people suffering from kidney related ailments.

4. People Suffering from Heart Diseases


People who have a history of heart ailments should be careful with their intake of dextrose and other form of sugar. Popular research shows that there is a connection between heart diseases and sugar intake.

If you have a history of heart issues, make sure you get checked regularly and closely monitor your sugar level as well to be on the safe side.

I hope I was able to help you figure out whether dextrose is bad for you or not. Remember that if you are suffering from any form of ailments, you should always watch your diet. What you eat can be detrimental to your health.

Even if you are not suffering from any health issues, make sure you consume dextrose in moderation since excessive intakes of sugar can be bad for anyone.

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